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Aug 2017

Beta version 1.0.175 (818)

  • Bug fix for the public calendars/holidays screen.

Beta version 1.0.175 (816)

  • Added an option to use the task lists colors for the tasks in the task widget.
  • Changed the "Custom snooze" option so that also days can be selected.
  • The German holidays are now only displayed under "Settings > Public calendars" if the locale is set to Germany.
  • Added support for downloading and displaying Hangout links from Google Calendar.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the day view

Beta version 1.0.175 (815)

  • Bug fix for displaying overdue tasks in the agenda widget.
  • Bug fix for importing ICS files with recurring events without an UID.
  • The agenda widget can now display the time of the first reminder of a task.
  • Added a function to export all calendars as ICS files in a ZIP file from the "Settings > Transfer to new phone" screen.
  • Workaround for what seems to be a bug in Android 7/8:
  • Bug fix for importing ICS files.
  • Added a new method to wake the device to display reminders (instead of using the AlarmManager) called "Network push". It uses a server that will send a push message at the appropriate time to the device.
  • New library versions and compileSdk.
  • Moved the "events with the same contact" list further down in the detail view, below the attachments.

Beta version 1.0.175 (814)

  • Reverted the changes for the small map in the detail view because it caused crashes on some phones.

Beta version 1.0.175 (813)

  • Bug fix for calendar reminders.
  • When using the map in the Android 4.4 emulator "grpc failed" appears. In that case the map is now hidden.
  • Changed the way how the small map is displayed in the detail view. Some phones seemed to have problems, maybe it works correctly on these phones now.
  • Small bug fixes for editing reminders.

Beta version 1.0.175 (812)

  • Added further log output for reminders.
  • Bug fix for displaying reminders for birthdays.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Event Discovery 1.13

Beta version 1.0.175 (811)

  • Extended the keywords function to limit it to certain calendars and to optionally also search the location of events.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the keywords screen.

Beta version 1.0.175 (810)

  • Bug fix for the Google Maps view in the detail view.
  • Speed improvements for the day view.
  • Moved keywords menu entry up in the "Settings > Display and Use > General" screen.
  • The keywords can now be reordered.
  • Added a new keywords action to hide the matching events.

Beta version 1.0.175 (809)

  • When an event is moved or renamed and a reminder for that event is still in the reminder pop-up the pop-up now shows the new time and title of the event.
  • Further debug output and improvement for the repeat function in the pop-up window.
  • Bug fix for the CalDAV task sync.
  • Added support for keywords, i.e. events that contain certain words can automatically be displayed with a certain color or icon ("Settings > Display and Use > General > Keywords").
  • Bug fix for a crash that could occur when tapping a linked contact in the edit view to which no matching contact in the contacts database exists.
  • Added a warning to the sunrise/sunset screen if no city was found when searching.
  • The ICS import function can now skip erroneous events.
  • Added further log output for the reminder repeat function.
  • Bug fix for keeping Android calendar settings if the Android calendars temporarily vanish.
  • EventDiscovery 1.12.1
  • Removed the "Edit/Reorder" entry from the "all lists" section of the sort order of the task view because tasks cannot be mixed between task lists in Google Calendar.
  • Bug fix for the access restrictions so that they can be copied onto a different device.
  • Automatically running a sync to re-enable push syncing if the Firebase ID changes.
  • It is now possible to specify calendar reminders that are only applied to all-day events or only to timed events ("Settings > Visibility/Download" and then the blue button at the end of the line, "Add reminder").
  • Added a volume slider to the "Settings > Reminders" screen.
  • Bug fix for refreshing the widgets when using the background/push sync.

Beta version 1.0.175 (808)

  • Improved the speed when displaying many events in the day view.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Event Discovery 1.12
  • Bug fixes

Beta version 1.0.175 (807)

  • Added support for push syncing directly synced Google calendars ("Settings > Accounts > Push sync"). I.e. after detecting a change in a directly synced Google Calendar the calendar is automatically synced so that changes appear usually about a minute later (it tries not to sync too often). So far push syncing was only possible when syncing via the Android calendar but now it can also be used when syncing directly with Google Calendar.
  • Added a CSV export button to the search view.
  • Added a link to CalenGoo's privacy policy in the settings.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the contact notifications.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Added a switch to disable the highlighting of overdue tasks in the calendar views so that the task list's color is used for these tasks instead.
  • Speed improvements
  • Bug fix for using custom vibrations with the "Test" button.
  • Using newer library versions.

Beta version 1.0.175 (806)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the edit view
  • Added an option to set the cursor into the title field of existing tasks ("Settings > Tasks > Auto select title field for new tasks > for existing tasks").
  • Added an option "Settings > Tasks > Display time of first reminder in title" to display the time of the first reminder of a task in the day, week and month view.
  • Added an additional hint to the license warning.
  • Bug fix for Synology NAS CalDAV server.
  • When printing a PDF from the search view the printed time range can now be limited.
  • Bug fix for CalDAV task sync
  • Event Discovery 1.11.1
  • Bug fix for the map view in the detail view, it was sometimes displayed twice.
  • Added further hints for Samsung users that might be useful when the login doesn't work.
  • If the voice output causes an exception the exception description is displayed now.