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Nov 2016

Beta version 1.0.170 (490)

  • Bug fix for attaching Google Drive attachments to events where the recurring days are selected one by one and for displaying a small "D" symbol for each event with a drive attachment in the day view.
  • Added an option to use a colored background only for all-day events in the first agenda style.
  • Translations
  • Bug fix for a crash when attaching files to events.
  • Bug fix for changing the status icons color if "Use calendar color for events" is turned off.
  • Bug fix, the snooze button was accidentally displayed in the notifications even if the snooze function was turned off.
  • Added further support for the CalenGoo AlarmManager Helper app.

Beta version 1.0.170 (489)

  • Bug fix for NotificationCompat 24 and 25 (25.0.1). Under Android 2.2 it caused an crash when displaying the sync notification icon so it has been reverted to 23.1.1.
  • Bug fix for adding iCloud accounts to sync tasks.
  • Bug fix for adding an ownCloud account to sync tasks.
  • Changed the default selection for "What should happen if you wait a few minutes before snoozing the reminder" to "Snooze from original time" because that's how it worked before.
  • Added menu items to hide all/show all icons in the "Settings > Icons > Hide some icons" screen.
  • The "Settings > Reminders" screen now shows if the "CalenGoo AlarmManager Helper" is used.
  • Bug fix, when copying an event the Google Drive attachments were accidentally not copied.
  • Bug fix, the color of the 5-30 minute lines in the day view could not be changed.
  • Improved the speed of the "Snooze" button in notifications.
  • Bug fix for "snooze until" in am/pm mode.
  • Bug fix for displaying the date on the Android Wear watch face on small screens.

Beta version 1.0.170 (486)

  • Big fix for the month 5x5 widget.
  • Bug fix for selecting a contact without a display name.
  • Bug fix, the task edit screen should not display "Choose days..." for recurring tasks.
  • Bug fix for the tint color of the status bar under Android 6 and newer.
  • Bug fix for indenting the first line of events in the day view if no time and no icon is displayed.
  • Bug fix for a crash that could occur when a template belonged to a calendar that no longer existed and the calendar row was tapped.
  • Workaround for a strange crash when creating the month widget:
  • Bug fix for a crash when viewing tasks in a calendar view.

Beta version 1.0.170 (483)

  • Bug fix for fading past events in the "Bars" agenda widget.
  • Bug fix for a rare crash, probably when scrolling a view and then switching to another view before the scrolling has finished.

Beta version 1.0.170 (482)

  • Bug fix for a crash when selecting a contact with Contacts+ in the edit view.
  • Bug fix for displaying a warning when the sound of a reminder could not be found.
  • Bug fix for a crash when displaying an attendee without a status.
  • Bug fix for fading past events in the "Bars" widgets.

Beta version 1.0.170 (481)

  • Bug fix for checking multiple recurring tasks in the reminder pop-up and dismissing them one by one with the "x" button. Due to a bug the last task was completed twice, moving it twice forward.
  • Bug fix for printing search results under Android 2.x.

Beta version 1.0.170 (480)

  • Bug fix for the standard Android time picker under Android 7.

Beta version 1.0.170 (479)

  • Bug fix for using a custom language in the reminder pop-up.
  • Bug fix for using a custom language in the widgets.
  • Bug fix for printing the agenda view in landscape orientation.

Beta version 1.0.170 (478)

  • Bug fixes for creating a PDF file from the results of the search view.
I am sorry that I had to release so many new beta versions today but I am currently trying to prepare an official update and would like to have a beta version where all important bugs are fixed so that I can release it as an official update soon.

Beta version 1.0.170 (477)

  • Bug fix for the snooze button in reminder notifications, after snoozing the reminder the status bar notification did not vanish.

Beta version 1.0.170 (476)

  • The "collapse/expand" menu entry when long pressing a task is now only displayed if the task has subtasks.
  • Translations

Beta version 1.0.170 (475)

  • Bug fixes for Google Drive attachments and it is now possible to add a Google account to CalenGoo without giving CalenGoo the permission to access Google Drive.
  • Bug fix for sending SMS when using the function to automatically find the contact by the name in the title of the event. When the time for the SMS was not modified and remained "0" (which probably no one ever tested), no SMS was sent.
  • Bug fix for selecting a sound for reminders.

Beta version 1.0.170 (474)

  • Bug fix for rtl layout in agenda view.
  • Copies of sound files for reminders are now by default saved in the internal memory of the device except if "Move DB to SD card" is turned on. It seems that on some devices the external memory is not available.
  • Bug fix for snoozing birthday reminders "x minutes before the start of the event".
  • Bug fix for the sync: When an event's end time was before the start time (however this was possible) the event could not be uploaded. Now the sync function will change the end time to the start time of the event in this case so that the event can at least be uploaded.
  • Added debug output to analyze problems accessing the SD card.
  • Translations

Beta version 1.0.170 (473)

  • Bug fix for the day widget
  • Bug fix for attaching Google Drive attachments when using the menu item instead of the toolbar icon.
  • Bug fix for re-displaying notifications of events after an update was installed. Accidentally also reminders of already deleted events were displayed again.
  • Small bug fix for concurrentmodificationexception.
  • Bug fix for the preview of the year view.