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May 2018

Beta version 1.0.176 (929)

  • It is now possible to specify the sort order for tasks in the scrollable agenda widget.
  • Added an option for the task widget to display only today's and tomorrow's tasks.
  • Speed improvements for displaying icons in the edit screen.
  • The new icon is now used for notifications from the desktop.
  • Bug fix for the dismiss all button.
  • Added a toolbar to the "select attendee" screen.
  • Added a switch to make tasks recurring by default.
  • Bug fix for long pressing the date header on the left side of the single column week view to create a new event.
  • Bug fix for the "Fade edges" setting of the agenda widget.
  • The selected tab in the time chooser is not linked any more between the edit view's reminders and the snooze function in the detail view.

Beta version 1.0.176 (928)

  • Bug fixes for the function to attach Google Drive files.

Beta version 1.0.176 (926)

  • Bug fix for selecting invalid Google Drive files.
  • When attaching existing Google Drive files to an event, the Google Drive file icons are now being displayed.

Beta version 1.0.176 (925)

  • Added an option to hide the buttons to the right of the location edit field in the edit screen ("Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Location: Show buttons").
  • Fixed the direction in which the shadow runs over the moon.
  • Added a way to attach files to events directly from Google Drive without downloading or copying them.
  • Bug fix for month banners when countdown events are used.

Beta version 1.0.176 (924)

  • Bug fix for snoozing reminders of recurring events relative to the event's start time.
  • When snoozing reminders CalenGoo won't display any "snooze before event starts" reminder options that would result in a reminder time in the past.
  • Bug fix for the "Expand" button in the detail view.

Beta version 1.0.176 (923)

  • Added functions to send multiple SMS messages at different times to contacts that are retrieved from the title of an event.
  • Bug fix for the notification pop-up.

Beta version 1.0.176 (922)

  • The print function can now print the week number when using the agenda style.
  • Bug fix for a crash when the event somehow couldn't be found.
  • Added a switch to turn muting during "do not disturb" mode off.
  • Bug fix for searching the "%" character in Google calendars.
  • Added an option to sort the entries in the pop-up reminder window by the start time of the events (instead of appending new entries to the bottom of the list).
  • Bug fix, an upload is now performed after floating events have been moved.
  • Now all four agenda styles can display the red line that marks the current time.
  • Bug fix for calendars with an empty time zone.
  • Additional sync log output
  • Bug fix for saving the event in the full screen editor when the editing is interrupted, e.g. by opening a CalenGoo reminder.