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Sep 2017

Beta version 1.0.175 (826)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the voice widget when a calendar was selected that no longer exists. Now the user can select another calendar.
  • Bug fix for certain recurrence rules.
  • Added a function to copy local Android calendars into new Google calendars under "Settings > Transfer to new phone".
  • Bug fix for the red plus button in the task view, it accidentally did not take the default task list into account.
  • Bug fix for the "bymonth" rule.
  • Added support for the recurrence rule FREQ=YEARLY;BYMONTH=11;BYMONTHDAY=2,3,4,5,6,7,8;BYDAY=TU
  • The "bymonth" field is now also parsed from the RRULE.
  • Bug fix for the re-display of reminders after an event has been completed.
  • Increased "preload past days" option of the agenda view to 60.
  • French translation
  • Event Discovery 1.14
  • Bug fix for displaying sunrise and sunset.
  • Translation for the weather configuration screen.

Beta version 1.0.175 (825)

  • When sending a WhatsApp message and the message contains a linked contact one can now directly open the WhatsApp chat that belongs to that contact.
  • Added WhatsApp as a choice for the send function in the edit screen.
  • When long pressing the description row in the edit screen a "Paste" command is now displayed.
  • Added an option "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Default time zone for saving Android events" to select which time zone should be used when saving an event into the Android calendar. Either the target calendar's time zone or the phone's time zone.
  • Bug fix for the description field in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for editing the description of an event.
  • Bug fix for snoozing task reminders on an Android Wear watch.

Beta version 1.0.175 (824)

  • Added a "copy to Google Drive" function to the "new phone" screen.
  • When cancelling the Google login the "Please wait..." screen is now correctly closed.
  • When signing in to Google first Google Chrome is used and if it is not installed then Firefox.
  • Bug fix for scrolling the current time to the top in the agenda view.
  • Added a "Beta News" link to the settings menu of the beta version.
  • It is now possible to not print all-day events when printing an agenda view.
  • The app icon can be used for reminder notifications now ("Settings > Reminders > Icon").
  • Bug fix for the edit function "open selected day after saving" for the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for wrapping Hebrew text in the month view.

Beta version 1.0.175 (823)

  • The "Copy/Move/Cancel" drag&drop menu can now also display the "Copy&Edit" button if activated in the settings.
  • Bug fixes for a crash
  • Bug fix for a crash when trying to use the add widget without having any calendars.
  • Bug fix for the widgets.

Beta version 1.0.175 (822)

  • Bug fix for the reminder presets.

Beta version 1.0.175 (821)

  • Bug fix for automatically asking the user to sign in again when the tasks cannot be synced due to a wrong authentication.
  • Bug fix for the notification pop-up.

Beta version 1.0.175 (820)

  • Added Waze "Planned Drive" button for the detail view.
  • Added an option to limit the number of rows of the description in the reminder pop-up window.
  • The optional all-day sidebar in the day view is now wider on tablets.
  • Bug fix for the color of the reminder picker in the reminder pop-up.
  • Translations
  • Bug fix for navigating with Waze.
  • Bug fix for the warning that is displayed when saving an event into an invisible calendar.
  • Added an option to wrap long titles in the "3 lines" agenda view.
  • Speed improvements

Beta version 1.0.175 (819)

  • Bug fix for a crash on some devices when using "Custom snooze".
  • When changing the SD card directory it is now more reliably checked if the selected directory is writable.
  • Attempt to fix a crash when editing a single event of a recurring event.
  • Translation corrected
  • The presets that one can find in the "Presets" tab when changing a reminder or using the "Custom snooze" function can now be configured under "Settings > Reminders > Reminder presets".