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Feb 2023

Beta version 1.0.183 (1589)

  • Bug fix for starting the camera app on Android 13.
  • Better error message for failed backups.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1588)

  • The special color for tentative events can now separately configured.
  • Translations
  • Bug fixes for the agenda widget
  • Added a date format option "mm/dd/yy".
  • Bug fix for displaying a warning if the database cannot be opened.
  • Bug fix for syncing more than 50 tasks in a list using the Graph API.
  • Added an icon for Office 365 Graph API accounts.
  • Pressing "?" on a hardware keyboard opens the search view.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1587)

  • Bug fix for some of the CalDAV login screens.
  • Added support for syncing Exchange ChecklistItems using the Graph API
  • Aborting the sync with the Graph API if no calendars are returned.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1586)

  • Added an additional way to sync Microsoft Office 365 accounts: There is a new account type under "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Office 365 (Graph API) that uses Microsoft’s new Graph API to sync calendars, events and attachments.
  • Better handling of database exceptions when starting the app. It seems that opening problems were handled but it could still crash due to write problems.
  • Added a way to fade tentative (not free or busy) events.
  • Added a way to display all-day events in the day view as simple black text, ignoring the calendar color.
  • Bug fix for deleting locally copied attachments (so that the local copy is deleted when deleting the attachment in the edit view of the event).
  • Removing "X-ALT-DESC" when uploading tasks to CalDAV servers to prevent an event from having two different descriptions.
  • Bug fix for scrolling the column week view to the left with five days on the screen.
  • Bug fix for creating a CSV file in the search view.
  • Bug fix for changing the font in the day widget.
  • Bug fix for compatibility with older Android versions.
  • Better filenames for local attachments.
  • It is now possible to print only uncompleted tasks when printing a task list.