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Mar 2023

Beta version 1.0.183 (1594)

  • Bug fix for the "smooth/slow" scroll option.

Beta versoin 1.0.183 (1593)

  • Bug fix for switching between relative and absolute reminders in the edit screen when using reminders after the start of the event.
  • Bug fix for using the 24 hour format setting in the snooze date/time dialog.
  • Bug fix for the OpenWeatherMap weather forecast.
  • Bug fix for creating a new event from the widget when the week or month view is the default view.
  • Bug fix for deleting local attachments when removing them from a task.
  • Added a setting under "Settings > Reminders" to use a different TTS engine to speak the reminders.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1592)

  • Bug fix for the filename of local attachments.
  • Bug fix for the weather forecast
  • Added text to voice debug output.
  • The ViewPager for the day and week view can now be turned on or off under "Settings > Display and Use > General > Smooth/slow swiping in day and week view".

Beta version 1.0.183 (1591)

  • Increased the http timeout for Graph API to 30 seconds
  • Removing " " sequences when sending an event by email.
  • It is now possible to create new events for the current time on the selected day in the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for uploading the "completed" flag of tasks using the Graph API.
  • Bug fix for displaying menus when using an old Android theme.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1590)

  • Bug fix for creating new events with the current time in the week, month and agenda view.
  • Changes for the weather forecast
  • Bug fix for displaying birthdays and anniversaries of February 29th on March 1st in years that have no February 29th.
  • Bug fix for syncing tasks locally with the desktop version.
  • When signing in again to an existing Google account (e.g. if the password has changed) then it is now ensured that one signs in again with the same email address as before. Otherwise it could happen that one has accidentally switched to a different Google account instead of just signing in again to the same account.