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Importing ICS files from emails

If you get an email with an attached ICS file, you can tap “Preview” to open it with CalenGoo and create an event with the title, location, description and time specified in the ICS file:

Importing ICS files into local calendars

CalenGoo can import ICS files, but only into local calendars (i.e. no Android calendars or Google calendars). Just tap "Settings", "Display and Use", "Maintenance", "Import calendar from ICS file". This option is only available if you have local calendars:


Then choose a calendar you would like to import the file into, an ICS file that should be imported and choose if the local calendar should be erased before adding the new events or if the new events from the ICS file should just be added to the existing events in the local calendar.

Importing ICS files into Google Calendar

You can import ICS files into Google Calendar using the Google Calendar website ( http://calendar.google.com ). Just sign in, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then on "Settings", "Calendars" and then on "Import calendar".

Google Calendar Import calendars