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Accessing Google Calendar from your computer

There are at least three ways how to use Google Calendar from your computer:

Using a browser

You can access Google Calendar by opening


from a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Google Calendar can be easily accessed with your computer's browser.

Using iCal

You can sync iCal with Google Calendar. Just click “iCal”, “Preferences” and open the “Accounts” tab:

In the
Then click the “+” button below the list, choose “Google” as account type and enter your Google email and password. Afterward click “Create” and wait for the initial sync to finish:

Choose the
Then open the “Delegation” tab to choose which calendars you would like to sync:

In the


Or you can sync Outlook with Google Calendar. Please see Outlook/Exchange sync.

Mozilla Lightning (Calendar and Tasks)

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Mozilla Lightning is a calendar plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email program. By installing this program you can manage your Google calendars, your Google tasks and if you like also your Google emails from within this program. You can use your events and tasks even offline. Just follow these installation instructions:
Mozilla Thunderbird
First install Mozilla Thunderbird from this website:

Google Calendar Add-On
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Then start Thunderbird and click in the menu on "Tools", "Add-ons". This opens the "Add-ons Manager". Click in the "Search all add-ons" field and search for "Lightning" or choose it from the list of suggested add-ons. Install the "Lightning" add-on.
Then click on "Search all add-ons" again and search and install the "Provider for Google Calendar" add-on.
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Afterward you have to restart Thunderbird.

Now you have to setup your calendar. You can find detailed instructions here:


Or you can just follow these steps: Click in Thunderbird's menu on "File", "New", "Calendar...". Click on "On the Network", "Continue", "Google Calendar". Now you will need the address of your Google calendar. To retrieve it, please open this website and sign in:


Then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose "Settings", "Calendar". You should see a list of your calendars. Click on the name of the calendar that you would like to sync. You should get this screen:
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Click on the "XML" button in the "Private Address" section. You should see a link. Copy this link into Thunderbird's "Location" field and click on "Continue" and sign in.

Afterward you can assign a name to this calendar that will be used in Thunderbird.

If you have more than one calendar, then repeat these steps for each calendar.
Google Tasks Add-On
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Click on "Search all add-ons" again and search and install the "Google Tasks Sync" add-on. Afterward restart Thunderbird.

Now you should see a small task list button in the upper right corner of the Thunderbird window. Click it to open the tasks screen. Then click on "Google Tasks Sync - Click here to get started" to sign in and link the tasks window to your Google Calendar account.
Afterward you have synced Thunderbird/Lightning with your Google calendars and tasks.