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Using CalenGoo on devices without Google Apps, e.g. the Kindle Fire

On devices that have no built-in calendar (like the Kindle Fire), you need a place to save the events to. To ensure that you have a backup of your data, usually a Google Calendar account is used, but you can also use local calendars. So you have two choices:

  • Using CalenGoo with a Google account:
    This has the advantage, that you have a backup of your data and you can access your calendar from any Internet-connected computer under http://calendar.google.com. Additionally you can use shared calendars with others. You can also sync only some of your calendars with Google and have additional local calendars (see below).

    To see if you have a Google Calendar account please try to sign in here:


    If it works, if you can sign in there, you already have a Google Calendar account. Otherwise you can simply create a new one:

    Creating a Google Calendar account
    If you don't have a Google Calendar account, you can get one for free here:


    Just click the “Sign “up for a new Google Account” button and follow the instructions.

    Creating a new Google Calendar account.
    After you have created an account, please enter at least one event using the website, otherwise CalenGoo cannot connect to it (and cannot sync).

    Then start CalenGoo, press the menu button of your phone/device and tap “Settings”, “Accounts”. If there already is an account called "Android" then uncheck it (or see Accounts for further details). Tap the “Add account” button to add your Google Calendar account. You can find more information about adding accounts here: Accounts

    If it doesn’t work when signing in with your email and password try to sign in via “AuthSub Login” or "OAuth2 Login" as described here: Accounts

    The menu button on the Kindle Fire is the button with the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen:

  • Using CalenGoo with local calendars:
    This is the simpler way, but then your data is saved only on the device. Just turn “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “General”, “Allow local calendarsin CalenGoo on and add one or more calendars (for different categories of events, e.g. “Work”, “Home”) under “Settings”, “Visibility/Download” in CalenGoo. You can change the color of a calendar by tapping its name. Please see here for further details: Local calendars

    To access CalenGoo’s “Settings” menu on the Kindle Fire you have to start CalenGoo, then press the menu button at the bottom of the screen to open CalenGoo’s menu and choose “Settings”:


Installing a map application

If your device doesn’t have a map application (e.g. the Kindle Fire doesn’t have Google Maps) you can install a replacement map application like “MapQuest”. It will automatically be used when you tap the location field of an event in CalenGoo’s detail view.

Syncing with iCloud, CalDAV or Exchange

CalenGoo can only sync directly with Google Calendar. With iCloud and Exchange it is synced via the Android calendar. So to sync CalenGoo with iCloud and Exchange, just turn "Settings > Accounts > Android" on in CalenGoo (which is turned on by default) and install an app that syncs the Android calendar with iCloud or Exchange, e.g.

iCloud: SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar

CalDAV: CalDAV-Sync

Exchange: Either using the built-in sync function (Swipe down from the top of the screen and choose "More > My account > Manage E-mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account") or e.g. Enhanced Email