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Stop sharing calendars

This page explains what you can do if you have shared a calendar with another person and don’t want that person to have access to your calendar any longer. The person can certainly keep a copy of the calendars and events that he/she has already downloaded, e.g. if the person has printed the calendar or saved a backup or just stops syncing that calendar. But you can prevent further access so that the person cannot see new events or any changes.

It depends on how you shared the calendar. If you just used CalenGoo’s or Google’s calendar sharing function, you can just stop sharing the calendars. You can find Google’s instructions under "Unshare your calendar" here:


However if you gave the other person direct access to your Google account (either by giving him/her your password or by entering your password on his/her device) you have to revoke the access tokens that the person might have for your account and you should change your password. In addition I would recommend to turn "2 step verification" on:

Revoke the access tokens

On https://myaccount.google.com/security you can find the section "Third-party apps with account access". There you can see which apps have access to your account. However you cannot see on which device the app is installed. So you should click on "Manage third party access" and click all apps in all three sections ("Third-party apps with account access", "Signing in with Google" and "Google apps") and select "Remove access" for all of them.


Change the password and enable 2 step verification

On https://myaccount.google.com/security you can also find the section "Signing in to Google". There you should change your password and remove all "App passwords". I would also recommend to turn "2-Step Verification" on, which means that only people that have your mobile phone (i.e. you) can access your Google account, because you will have to confirm your login on your phone or enter a number that your phone displays whenever you try to sign in to your Google account on a new device that you haven’t used before (so you don’t need to enter it all the time, but usually only once for each device).


Reset the secret URL of your Google calendars

Each calendar in Google Calendar has a secret URL that you can view in the settings on http://calendar.google.com . Just sign in, click on the gear icon at the top, select "Settings" and then select the calendar on the left side. On the right side you should now see the "Secret address in iCal format". If you have given that secret URL to another person that person will be able to access all your events in that calendar without a password. To stop that person from accessing your calendar you have to click on "Reset":