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Transferring CalenGoo to a new phone

If you got a new phone, you can transfer CalenGoo and its data from your old phone to your new. To transfer the app you can simply download it again, please see “Downloading CalenGoo again” below. But if you also would like to transfer your existing settings and other data to your new phone, please read the following section:

Transferring data to a new phone

There are different ways how you can transfer your CalenGoo data to your new phone. First you should find out if all your calendars and events are saved in Google Calendar or only on your old phone. To check if they are in Google Calendar just sign in to Google Calendar here and check if all your events and calendars are there:


If all your events are there, then you can simply configure your new phone with your old Google account and install CalenGoo (you can install it for free, please see Installing previously purchased apps). Your new phone will automatically download all events from Google Calendar so your shouldn’t loose anything (except for CalenGoo’s settings, please see below how to save them).

If some or all events are missing in Google Calendar but are on your phone, then you have probably saved them into a local calendar of your phone. Open them and check if you saved them e.g. to the “My calendar” or “PC Sync” calendar. To save these events, you have to use CalenGoo’s ICS export function, e.g. to transfer them to Google Calendar. After all events are there, follow the instructions for “If all your events are there” above.

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Copying CalenGoo’s database

CalenGoo's Database
CalenGoo’s database contains directly synced Google calendars and local calendars but no Android calendars. It also contains all of CalenGoo’s settings. By turning “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Maintenance”, “Move DB to SD card” on in CalenGoo, you can move this database to your SD card. The file is named “calengoo.sqlite”. Just copy this file onto the SD card of your new phone and install CalenGoo from the Google Play Store (please see Additional devices). CalenGoo will automatically find and use this file on your SD card. If CalenGoo does not find the database, just open "Settings", "Information", "System information" to see which "SD card directory" CalenGoo uses, i.e. into which directory the database has to be copied.

However because your password is encrypted in a device-specific manner, it cannot be decrypted on your new device. You have to enter it again: Either remove and re-add your Google accounts under “Settings”, “Accounts” or tap your account under “Settings”, “Accounts” and choose “Change password”.

If you have to return your old SD card, you can certainly just copy the file to your computer by connecting it via USB. From there you can copy it to your new phone’s SD card at a later time.

To access files on your phone via USB from your computer you might need to install the Android File Transfer program.

Another option is to use CalenGoo’s Google Drive backup function. Just open "Settings > Backups > Automatic backups". Turn "Copy backups into Google Drive" on and tap "Backup now" to create a backup. Check if it appears on https://drive.google.com . Then, on your new phone, you can restore the backup under "Settings > Backups > Automatic backups" in CalenGoo.

Copying CalenGoo’s settings

If all your calendars and events are in Google Calendar ( just check it under http://calendar.google.com ), you can decide to only save CalenGoo’s settings. There are two options:
  • Using Google Drive: Just use the function “Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Export settings > Google Drive” to save your settings into your Google Drive account. Then tap "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Import settings > Google Drive" on your new phone to import the settings again.

  • By manually copying the settings: If you don’t want to use Google Drive (which is the easiest way) you can instead use "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Export settings > File" to email yourself your settings. When you have the new phone, copy the attached file onto your new phone’s SD card, install CalenGoo and use CalenGoo’s “Import settings” function to import your settings from this file.

    To copy the "calengoosettings.ini" file onto your new phone you can connect your new phone via USB to your computer. Depending on your phone the file probably has to be copied into the directory "/sdcard" or "/sdcard/emulated/0". You can see the correct path in CalenGoo under "Settings > Information > System information > SD card directory". If you are unsure which directory is correct, then you can just tap "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Export settings" on your new phone to write a new "calengoosettings.ini" file into that directory. Then try to find that file on your new phone using your computer and overwrite it with the "calengoosettings.ini" file from your old phone. Afterward tap "Import settings" in CalenGoo to load the settings.

Copying CalenGoo’s templates

If you just want to copy CalenGoo’s templates (instead of the whole database) you can export them:
  • Using Google Drive: Tap "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Templates > Export > Google Drive" and sign in. On your new phone use "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Templates > Import Google Drive" to import them again.

  • By manually copying the templates file: Use "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Export > File" to export the templates into a file "calengootemplates.json" on your phone’s internal SD card (usually /sdcard or /sdcard/emulated/0 ). Copy this file into the "internal SD card" directory of your new phone and use "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Templates > Import" to import it.

Copying Android calendars

If you have local Android calendars that are not synced with Google or any other servers on your old phone and would like to copy them onto your new phone, you can export them as an ICS file and then import them into a local CalenGoo calendar es explained here: ICS Export

Downloading CalenGoo again

You can download CalenGoo again without being charged again. But you can download it only from the same store where you bought it in the first place. If you bought it from the Google Play Store just ensure that you use the same Google account for your new phone that you used for your old. Then you can simply download CalenGoo again from the “My apps” section of the “Play Store” app as explained here:


If you bought it from Amazon just install the Amazon Appstore app on your new phone and use it to download CalenGoo from your Amazon account. Please see here for details: Additional devices

If you bought it from another store, you can download it again using that store’s website or shop app.