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Examining the reminders of an event

When you open an event in CalenGoo's detail view, it shows you the event details including all reminders. There are three kinds of reminders: Pop-up, Email and SMS. First the event's own reminders are displayed. Then, in gray letters, reminders of the calendar are displayed. The event's own reminders can be edited by tapping the "Edit" button at the top of the screen. The calendar reminders (the last row in the example below) can be edited by tapping the blue button behind the calendar's name under "Settings", "Visibility/Download" in CalenGoo.

Reminders are usually relative to the start time of the event. However all-day events do not have a start time. Therefore you can configure a "start time" for all all-day events under "Settings", "Reminders", "All-day reminders" (only visible if "Reminders for all-day events are displayed" is turned on). The reminders will then be displayed relative to that time. Additionally CalenGoo will display the time, when the reminder will displayed, for all-day events in the detail view, please see below:
All-day event
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Timed event
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