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CalenGoo contains functions to create templates and use them to create new events. Just create templates for events that occur often but not at a regular interval.

You can even combine templates to choose e.g. the title and description from one template and the location from another.

Creating templates

To create a template from an event, open the event in CalenGoo’s detail view and choose "Templates" from the menu:


Using templates

To create a new event from a template just create a new event and choose "Templates" from the menu. Then select a template and save the new event:


Editing templates

For each template you can specify which attributes should be used when inserting this template. This way you can create templates for different purposes and combine them. E.g. you can create templates that just add a different group of attendees or you could create templates for different locations:
Screen Shot 2012-01-22 at 13.11.25

To edit a template just open the templates view and tap the blue button behind the template’s name:

Then you will get the screen that you can see on the right. It allows you to specify which attributes should be used when inserting this template. E.g. to create a template that changes/adds only the attendees, just uncheck all sections except the attendees section. And when inserting templates, you can just insert several templates after each other by using the templates menu entry in the edit view. This way you can combine templates that do not change all attributes.


To organize templates, you can create folders and sub-folders. The templates (and additional folders) can be saved into these folders. This way you can order your templates into different categories, e.g. “Work” and “Private”. Just tap “Create new folder” to create a new folder.

Linked templates

Templates of a folder can be linked to each other by turning "Link all templates" on. When inserting one template of this folder, all following templates will be inserted relative to the first, too. In the example below when inserting the template "Test 1", the template "Test 2" will be inserted two hours later in the same calendar, too. This way you can create multiple events at once.