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Support for Android

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the Android version of CalenGoo, please send an email to android@calengoo.com, take a look at the list below that contains solutions for most problems or click “Documentation” at the top of the website to find more documentation about different topics and problems.

If you cannot send an email to android@calengoo.com or do not get a response after a few business day (i.e. either your email wasn’t received by android@calengoo.com or the response didn’t reach you), you can post a question here instead:
Support Forum
In the Google Groups support forum for CalenGoo for Android you can read and search existing questions and responses or ask new questions. You can post using your existing Google account. The posts are moderated, i.e. it will take a few hours until your post becomes visible.

Open the support forum
Support Email
Instead of using the forum you can get support by sending an email to android@calengoo.com . This can be useful if you need to mention private data or screenshots. However it can happen that your email or the response to your email is filtered by a spam filter so if you don’t receive a response please try the support forum instead.

Send an email
Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

A message appears stating that "Internal Service Failure" and that an "internal error" occurred. And CalenGoo was bought from Amazon

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 08.58.57
The "Internal service failure" error is not an error of CalenGoo. It is an error that is displayed by the DRM that Amazon adds to paid apps. It means that the DRM protection cannot communicate with the Amazon Appstore app or the Amazon servers.

Please see here for further details and a solution:


If it doesn't help, please try to contact the Amazon support, they should be able to help you, because it is a problem with their Appstore app or their DRM, not with my app. However if they cannot help you, you can certainly still contact me (

Saved events vanish when syncing via the Android calendar and having an old version of the Google Calendar app installed
That seems to be a general problem of the Android calendar that recently appeared (March 2015) and affects old Android 2 devices but also certain Android 4.0 - 4.2 devices where the new Google Calendar app hasn’t been installed. The events also vanish when they are saved with the Android calendar app instead of CalenGoo. So it isn’t a problem of CalenGoo, it is a problem of the Android calendar or Google’s servers. Because the Android calendar app hasn’t change in the past years on Android 2 devices, it is likely that a change on Google’s servers is causing this problem.

Update: According to Google this problem has been fixed, please see the green post here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/calendar/calendar-app/1chrLSzaatk

There are also other users reporting this problem, without using CalenGoo, e.g. here:




You can try to fix it by installing the latest version of the Google Calendar app which seems to replace the Android system’s sync functions with newer onces.

Or you can solve it with CalenGoo by using a simple workaround: Just sync CalenGoo directly with Google Calendar instead of via Android. This way you are not affected by this bug of the Android calendar. Just uncheck "Settings", "Accounts", "Android" in CalenGoo and afterward use the "Add account" button to add your Google Calendar account. Please see here for details: Accounts

The location of new events is not saved when saving events into the Android calendar
There is a bug in some versions of the Google Calendar app. Please see here how to fix it: Location

I am getting a password error but the password is correct, how can I fix this?
Google stopped supporting some old sync methods on November 17th. To fix it just do the following:

Ensure that you have the latest version of CalenGoo (1.0.143). You can see it under "Settings", "Information" in CalenGoo. Then open "Settings", "Accounts" and "Settings", "Tasks" and tap the red button(s) in front of your account(s). Follow the instructions to switch to the new sync method.

I am using "Event flair" in Google Calendar but the icons are not displayed in CalenGoo?
The built-in Android calendar does not download the information which icon is assigned to an event. To be able to see and change the icons please follow these steps:
  1. Tap "Menu", "Settings", "Accounts" and add your Google Calendar account.
  2. Tap "Menu", "Sync" from the calendar view to download the data of your Google Calendar account. Now you should see your icons.
  3. Tap "Menu", "Settings", "Icons", "Download CalenGoo icons" and "Download all Google icons" to download some icons to choose from.
You will probably see all events twice now (one copy from the Android calendar and another from the direct sync with Google). So you may want to disable the Android calendars completely or partially under "Menu", "Settings", "Visibility/Download".
I am seeing duplicates of my events, how can I fix this?

You are probably syncing some of your calendars twice. Please see here how to fix it: Duplicates

Can I uninstall and reinstall the app without being charged again? Can I install it on another/new phone?

Yes, your license is bound to your Google account. So you can download it again an unlimited amount of times and you can install it on all phones that are linked to your Google account. You can download the app from the “My apps” section of the “Market” app. Please see here:


I have problems synchronizing my Google Calendar via Android, what can I do?

If you have problems that your changes are not uploaded from your phone to Google Calendar, please see here:


If you have problems that your changes from Google Calendar are not downloaded to your phone, please see here: