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Some Android launchers (e.g. Nova Launcher) that implement the DynamicCalendarIconAPI support displaying different icons for an app on each day of the month. This is usually used for calendar apps like CalenGoo to display the current date on their app icons.

For this purpose CalenGoo contains 31 icons and launchers that support it should display the icon of the current day instead of CalenGoo’s default icon:


If no number is displayed then your launcher probably does not support displaying a different icon on each day.

If a wrong number is displayed, then it is a bug in your launcher, not a bug in CalenGoo. Because CalenGoo just contains 31 icons, it does not display them. It is the responsibility of the launcher to display the correct icon of these 31 icons on each day. So if a wrong number is displayed, just contact the support of your launcher.