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CalenGoo for Android and iOS

There are two versions of CalenGoo available:
  • CalenGoo for Android
  • CalenGoo for iOS
They are different apps. They support platform specific features, e.g. the Android version supports widgets whereas the iOS version supports e.g. AirPrint. You can buy the iOS version from the Apple AppStore and the Android version from the Google Play Store, Amazon and a few other stores.

Updates are free, i.e. after you have bought it once, you can download future updates from the same store using the same account.

After buying CalenGoo you can install it on multiple devices that you own (even future devices that you haven’t bought yet) and that are linked to the same account (and provide access to the store from which you bought CalenGoo):
  • The iOS version can be installed on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that are linked to the same iTunes account.
  • The Android version can be installed on all your Android devices (phones and tablets) that are linked to the same Google account (if you bought it from Google Play) or the same Amazon account (if you bought it from Amazon).

As mentioned above, the Android version and the iOS version are different apps. iOS and Android are different operating systems that are not compatible. They require apps that are developed for each platform. That means you cannot install an iOS app under Android or an Android app under iOS. You need an Android app for Android and an iOS app for an iOS device.

So you cannot install e.g. the iOS version of CalenGoo on an Android device. If you would like to install CalenGoo on an Android device, you need to buy the Android version.

And you cannot install the Android version on an iOS devices. If you would like to install CalenGoo on an iOS device, you need to buy the iOS version.

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Further examples of software that is sold for a one time fee for a single platform:
  • XBox games cannot be played on PlayStation consoles and vice versa. Neither Sony or Microsoft give you a game for free that you have bought for the other, competing platform.
  • Windows games and other software can usually not be used under Mac OS and vice versa. And one usually doesn’t get the software for the other platform for free (games are often even more expensive for MacOS than they are for Windows).


It is different when we are talking about subscriptions. Subscriptions where you pay e.g. $10 each month often give you the necessary software for free, because you are already paying for the service each month. Examples are:
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Evernote
  • Adobe Photoshop
However that’s not true for all subscriptions, e.g. World of Warcraft has a monthly fee but you also have to pay once for the game and certain extensions.