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New version 1.0.181

  • Separately configurable widgets of the same type: It is now possible e.g. to create multiple agenda widgets that display different calendars or use different styles.
  • You can turn "Settings > Display and Use > General > Show undo action" on to get a bar at the bottom of the screen after deleting an event that allows you to undelete it again if you accidentally deleted it.
  • It is now possible to sync directly via Wi-Fi with the Windows/macOS version of CalenGoo by creating a "Local sync" account under "Settings > Accounts > Add account".
  • Added support for Evernote 10
  • Bug fixes

New version 1.0.180

  • Option to overlap events in the day view.
  • Added support for Office 365 login to sync directly.
  • Many small improvements.
  • Bug fixes (e.g. for syncing with CalDAV and for the dark mode).

New version 1.0.179

  • Multiselection function in the agenda view: Long press an event and select "Select multiple entries". Then you can e.g. move or copy multiple events at once.
  • Bug fix for using reminder pop-up windows on Android 10
  • Several additional bug fixes and small improvements

New version 1.0.178

  • Added support for syncing calendars and tasks directly with Exchange
  • Basic support for syncing tasks with Toodledo
  • Bug fix for syncing Google Tasks
  • Several other bugs fixes and small improvements

New version 1.0.177

  • Tasks can now be synced with Exchange
  • It is now possible to specify a limit for "countdown events".
  • Support for Android 8 "notification channels"
  • Support for asking for permissions at runtime.
  • Added support for the new Google Calendar colors ("Settings > Design")