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May 2014

New version 1.0.121

A few bugs were fixed and a gear button to open the menu has been added in the upper right corner. Some modern devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 don’t have a menu button any more. On these devices you can usually just long press the "recent apps" button (the button with the two rectangles) to open the menu. Or you can tap the gear icon. You can configure the position of the gear button or turn it off under "Settings", "Display and Use", "General", "Status bar", "Menu button (gear icon)".

New version 1.0.119

This version contains only a few bug fixes for certain Android versions.

New version 1.0.118

The versions 1.0.113 - 1.0.118 were released shortly after another and fixed several bugs that occurred in the first hours after the release of version 1.0.112. Unfortunately there were some bugs that occurred only under certain circumstances and Android versions so that they were not found when testing the new version. However the bugs were fixed as soon as possible and I hope that everything works fine again now!

New version 1.0.112

Attendees in the detail view are displayed with their photos and you can send emails to all attendees of an event. Events can have individual time zones, several bugs were fixed and the design of the week view has been changed a little.