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Aug 2014

New version 1.0.135

Fixed two bugs that were introduced when adding the "dark" design (see below).

New version 1.0.134

This update fixes a problem that occurred in the past two days and that affected users who were syncing directly with Google via email/password or AuthSub and who had changed settings of single calendars (e.g. the color of a calendar):

In Google Calendar each calendar and event has an identifier. This identifier is used to see which calendars or events are the same. E.g. when Google Calendar reports that there was a change in event "A" CalenGoo checks if it already knows event "A" and then either modifies the existing event "A" or creates a new event if it didn’t know event "A" yet.

The identifier is also used for calendars. When CalenGoo syncs it downloads the current list of calendars and checks which calendars it already knows and which are new. It also sees which calendars do not exist any more.

Unfortunately Google slightly changed the IDs of all calendars and events about two days ago. Since then the following happened to users who synced via email/password or AuthSub. It didn’t happen to users syncing via "Android" or "OAuth2":

CalenGoo downloaded the current calendar list. All calendars had IDs that it didn’t know. That meant all calendars were new and all calendars it had seemed to have been deleted. So it erased its existing calendars from its own database and downloaded everything from Google again. This is probably not a problem for most users but for those users who had custom settings assigned to their calendars (i.e. not events) (e.g. custom colors, reminders or icons) these settings were reverted to the defaults that were downloaded from Google Calendar.

So some calendar settings may have been lost by Google’s sudden change of all IDs. However this problem is fixed now, CalenGoo can now understand the slight change of the IDs and knows that they are the same.

Regarding the events it is possible that some events are displayed twice now, because when an older version (before 1.0.134) of CalenGoo received an update of an event with such a changed ID, it didn’t know that it already had this event and saved it as a new event. However it is easy to fix: Just ensure that all your events are in Google Calendar ( http://calendar.google.com ) and then set all events that (may) contain duplicates to "Force redownload once, visible" under "Settings", "Visibility/Download" and sync afterward. That should fix it. Another option would be to use "Settings", "Reset calendars" but then you would loose calendar specific colors and reminders similar to the problem explained above.

Further changes are:
  • Added an optional dark theme for the "new design" of the detail view and the edit view. It can be used by setting "Settings", "Display and Use", "General", "Style" to "Dark" and turning "New design" on under "Settings", "Display and Use", "Detail view" and "Edit view". The dark theme requires Android 4.0 or newer.
  • Bug fixes