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Voice Widgets

CalenGoo contains two voice widgets that can be used to quickly create new events or new tasks:
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Events (CalenGoo Voice 1x1)
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Using this widget you can speak e.g. "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5 pm". CalenGoo will translate this into text and then send it to Google Calendar's "Quick Add" function to let it parse what is part of the title and what is e.g. the time. Then it will create a new event for the next day at 5 pm with the title "Meeting with John".

However because it uses Google Calendar's "Quick Add" function to find out what the time of the new event is, it works only when syncing directly with Google Calendar, not when syncing with the Android calendar or other calendar systems.
Tasks (Task by Voice 1x1)
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This widget can be used to quickly add new tasks to your default task list. Just tap the widget, speak the task (e.g. "Wash the car") and it is added to your task list.

The widget is called "Task by Voice 1x1", so you have to search it under "T" in the widgets list, not under "C" where most of the other CalenGoo widgets are.

CalenGoo's parser server

When using voice recognition to enter e.g. "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5pm" CalenGoo has to find out which part describes the title and which the date and time of the event. One solution is to use Google's "quick add" function, that you can also use via the Google Calendar website. The other option is to use CalenGoo's parser server which you can turn on when adding the "CalenGoo Voice 1x1" widget/shortcut by checking "Send text to CalenGoo's server for parsing (for better results and support of additional languages).". When using CalenGoo's server the text that you spoke (e.g. "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5pm") will be sent to CalenGoo's server where it is analyzed and then sent back. Google's quick add function only supports English, CalenGoo's parser server also supports a few additional languages.