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CalenGoo contains a condition state plugin that can inform the app Tasker when events begin or end. More precisely it sends a signal to Tasker at the beginning of a block of events (i.e. when you are busy) and at the end of the block of events (i.e. when your events have ended and you have free time on your calendar). Please be aware that this means that if there are multiple events overlapping or directly after each other, Tasker will be informed only about the beginning of the first and the end of the last event. This is a limitation of Tasker's "State" plugin, which can transfer information only when the state changes. I.e. only when your calendar changes between "busy" and "free".

It can also provide information about the event that triggered the condition using variables. Just turn "Settings", "Reminders", "Inform Tasker/Locale about running events" on. Then you can find CalenGoo in Tasker under "Status", "Plugin", "Running events". If an event is running and you turned "Send event details" in CalenGoo on (under "Inform Tasker"), then the following variables are available:

Title: %eventtitle
Location: %eventlocation
Description: %eventdescription
Has reminders: %eventhasreminders
Has attendees: %eventhasattendees
E-mail addresses of the attendees: %eventattendees
Has status "busy": %eventbusy

Using the status and the variables you can trigger actions in Tasker, e.g. you can turn the phone silent during events.

The following screenshots show the steps to create a simple example task that shows a dialog with the event's title when an event starts:


Creating tasks from missed calls

CalenGoo contains an "Intent" to create tasks from other apps like Tasker. So you can use Tasker's "Send Intent" function to create a task in CalenGoo. By combining it with a "Missed call" event, you can automatically create tasks for missed calls in CalenGoo:


CalenGoo supports the extras "title", "note", "priority", "duedate" and "tasklist" when creating a task via the "com.calengoo.android.CREATE_TASK" intent.