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Sync problems

If you have problems with the sync between CalenGoo and Google Calendar, you should first check how you are syncing with Google Calendar:
Just tap “Settings”, “Accounts” in CalenGoo. If there is only an “Android” account, you are syncing via Android:

But if there are also additional accounts, it depends on which accounts are checked:

If you are syncing via Android (“Android” is checked), it means that the sync is performed by Android, not by CalenGoo. So this isn’t a problem in CalenGoo. Nevertheless it is usually easy to fix, please see here: Android sync problems

But if you are syncing directly (“Android” is unchecked), then please see “Direct sync problems” below:

Direct sync problems

These hints apply only if you are using the direct sync with Google Calendar. If you are using the Android calendars, the sync is performed by Android OS, please see below.

Normally CalenGoo uploads changes immediately after you entered them. If an event contains changes and couldn’t be uploaded/synced yet, it is displayed with a transparent background in the day view, whereas synced events have a solid background:

If your events have a solid background but you cannot see them in Google Calendar, please click “Refresh” in Google Calendar or reload the website in your browser:

Additionally please ensure that the calendar you saved the new event into is not hidden in Google Calendar. In Google Calendar you can toggle calendars between visible/invisible by clicking their names on the left:

The visibility settings when using Google Calendar's new design.

In CalenGoo you can see into which calendar you saved a certain event by double clicking it. You can see the calendar’s name right under the title in CalenGoo’s detail view:

If the event has a transparent background, please ensure that you are connected to the Internet and tap “Menu”, “Sync” in CalenGoo’s calendar view to run the sync. After the sync has finished, the event should have a solid background.

Android sync problems

If you have any problems syncing via Android calendar, please try the following: Start the “Settings” app and tap “Accounts”, select your Google account and uncheck “Sync calendars”, then wait a few seconds and check “Sync calendars” again. You should now see a sync symbol at the top of the screen. Wait for it to finish and afterward check if everything is synced correctly.

Please also ensure that “Data usage > Auto-sync data” (or "Accounts > Auto-sync data" under Android 6") is turned on:


Android 6:


Another way to reload all calendar data is to erase the “Calendar Storage” that contains the database of the Android Calendar. You should delete it only if all your events are also in Google Calendar or somewhere else as it will erase all events and calendars and then re-download them from Google Calendar. You should also create a Backup of your Google Calendar. If necessary you can use CalenGoo’s "ICS Export" function to manually copy your events into Google Calendar first. Please see here: ICS Export

To erase it, just start the “Settings” app, tap “Apps > Show system > Calendar Storage > Storage > Clear data":


Afterward Android will download your events and calendars again. You can maybe accelerate it by tapping “Settings > Visibility/Download” in CalenGoo, pressing the menu button and choosing “Refresh Android Calendars”. Afterward return to CalenGoo’s calendar view. Wait a few minutes and select “Refresh Android Calendars” again if still some calendars are missing. After a few minutes all data should be downloaded and be displayed by CalenGoo. Afterward check if the correct calendars are set to “visible” under “Settings > Visibility/Download”.

Upload problems

If you have entered events in CalenGoo, but they don’t appear in Google Calendar, please ensure that you saved them into the correct calendar:
Choose the correct calendar for your new events

On some devices, e.g. HTC devices there are additional calendars (like “My calendar”, “PC Sync”, “Exchange” or “Facebook”) that are not synced with Google Calendar and may have been chosen as the default calendar because they are at the top of the calendar list:

Just choose the correct calendar for new events under “Settings”, “Display and Use”, “Edit view”, “Default Calendar” or set the calendar individually when entering an event. Then they should be synced with Google Calendar.

It may be necessary to click the “Refresh” link in Google Calendar to see your changes. Otherwise Google Calendar will refresh the calendar view only every couple of minutes.

If you have already saved several events into the wrong calendar, you can move them one by one to the correct calendar: Just open them, tap “Edit”, scroll down and choose the correct calendar. Then tap “Save”. Here you can see an overview of the full edit view: Edit

If there are already a lot of events in the wrong calendar, there is a way to transfer them all at once into your Google Calendar, please see here: ICS Export

To assign different colors to your events you can create multiple calendars in Google Calendar. Please see here how to do this: Calendars

If reminders are not synced

There are two situations that can cause reminders to not being synced:
  1. If you use SMS reminders without setting a mobile phone number in Google Calendar (“Settings”, “Calendar settings”, “Mobile Setup” on the website), Google Calendar will discard SMS reminders.
  2. If you add or remove reminders on the Google Calendar website without changing anything else, Google Calendar “forgets” to update the modification date of the event (this is a bug in Google Calendar). So the event seems to be unchanged and will not be downloaded during the next sync by CalenGoo. Please see Synchronization to see how CalenGoo’s sync works. So to let CalenGoo know that the event was changed just change something else in the event, e.g. the title or description.