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Sync Facebook with Google Calendar and CalenGoo

If your phone doesn’t support a sync with Facebook via the Android calendar or if you have problems with it, you can also sync Facebook via Google Calendar with CalenGoo:

Sign in to Facebook and click on "Events":


On the right side of the page you should see a link "Upcoming Events" and "Birthdays":


Click on that link with the right mouse button and choose "Copy Link Address":


Sign in to Google Calendar and click “Add by URL” on the left under “Other calendars”.

Adding a calendar by its URL.

Paste the URL copied address into the URL field and replace "webcal:" with "https:". Then click on "Add Calendar":


Afterward your Facebook birthday calendar should appear as a normal shared Google Calendar. You may have to tap “Sync” in CalenGoo’s menu or “Refresh Android calendars” in the menu under “Settings > Visibility/Download” in CalenGoo to refresh the calendar list and make this new calendar appear.