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Printing the calendars

If you would like to print your calendars, you can use CalenGoo’s PDF function or you can use Google Calendar’s printing features.

Printing via CalenGoo’s PDF function

In CalenGoo you can find functions to create PDF files under "Settings", "Print". These PDF files can be printed by using another app or you can send them by email to yourself or another person. The PDF files use the full printing resolution. You can configure the time range, the font size and several other things to adapt the format to your needs.

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Printing via Google Calendar

Just sign in to Google Calendar ( http://calendar.google.com ), select one of the views (“Day”, “Week”, “Month”, “Agenda”) and click the “Print” link:

Google Calendar will show you a preview and afterward it will create a PDF file of the calendar that you can print. To print only single calendars, you can hide the others by clicking their names under “My calendars” on the left.