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Use the "Menu" button on your phone to open the main menu with functions to sync additional accounts, jump to today or another date, open the settings, create a new event or search for events.
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Drag&Drop allows you to copy or move events easily. Just press an event until it is highlighted by a white border and then move it to another time.


The following text will give you an overview how to use CalenGoo for Android. It will explain how to install it and which functions are available.


When you start the program for the first time, it will display the calendars and events of your calendars that you have already synced with your Android phone. So you can immediately start using it with your existing data.
If your device doesn't have a built-in calendar, CalenGoo will ask you for your Google Calendar username and password and then it will download and sync your calendars from this account directly. You can also choose to sync your main Google Calendar account or additional accounts directly, please see: Adding accounts.

The first that you will see is the day view. It can be used to get a good overview of the day and easily add new events for a certain time:

The functions of the day view.


At the top of the screen you can see four tabs to display your calendar in different formats. Additionally if you turn the device in landscape mode while "Day" is selected, an additional, fifth view, that shows a whole week at a glance, is displayed.

To go to the next day, week or month just swipe over the screen, i.e. move the current day, week or month to the left and the next will appear.

To open an event in the day and landscape day view, simply double tap it. In the week and month view you can open events be pressing them a little longer and choosing "Open". Please see drag&drop to read more about the options you have when long pressing an event.

By double tapping a free space in the calendar you can create a new event for this time.

When you double tap a day in the week or month view, the app switches to the day view and shows you the tapped day.


To edit an event, open it in detail view as described above and then tap "Edit". Then you can modify all fields of the event, including the title, time, and location. You have to choose a calendar to save the event into. The event will be displayed with the calendar's color. To be able to assign different colors to your events, you have to create different calendars/categories in Google Calendar. Please see here how to do this: Calendars

You can also add reminders to the event or link a contact to it. Please see here for further details: Edit


You can add a day, week, month or agenda widget to your home screen that shows the upcoming events or a month overview directly on your home screen:

The colored bar on the left of the timeline in the day widget shows all events of the whole day and a small red line where the current time is. The right part shows the current and the next two hours. A red line marks the current time.

When you tap the widget, CalenGoo is started and displays the current day and shows you the next events.

To add widgets to your home screen, press a free space on your home screen until a menu appears that offers to add a widget, please see here for more details: Widgets

Drag & Drop

To move or copy events you can simply drag them with your finger: Tap&hold an event until it is highlighted with a white border. Then move it to another time and choose if you would like to copy or move the event. It works in all views except the agenda view. You can also move events to another day this way. Please see the screenshot to the left and this documentation: Drag&Drop


You can sync your tasks from Google Tasks with CalenGoo. Please see Tasks Installation for installation instructions.

Floating events

Floating events are a combination of tasks and events. First they are like normal events with a checkbox. But when time passes, they are only allowed to move into the past when they are marked as completed. Otherwise they will stay on 'today' until you finish them. Please see here for a detailed description: Completable and floating events

Advanced functions

If you would like CalenGoo to sync directly with Google (to have more historical data, to sync with additional Google Calendar accounts or to see icons of events), you can add new accounts by tapping the menu button and then "Settings", "Add account". There you can add additional accounts. The next time you sync (with "menu", "Sync"), it will download all events of these accounts.


You can configure a lot of things by pressing the menu button and choosing "Settings" from the menu. Especially under "Display and Use" you can configure the fonts, colors and behavior of the app. Please see here for an overview: Configuration

Additional features

If you would like to learn more about features that are not mentioned on this page, please take a look at the Features page.


If you have any problems or questions please send an email to android@calengoo.com. If you have any suggestions please enter them or vote for existing features here:


Previously this website was used and will still be maintained, but the new website above makes it easier to organize the features.