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CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to view and edit your Google Calendar (or Google Apps Calendar) with your Android device. It can either work with the built-in calendar (so that you can sync it with Exchange, Lightning or other systems) or it can sync directly with Google.
It can be found in the Google Play Store. If you have any problems or questions please send an email to android@calengoo.com.

Available on Google Play

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The day view shows the events of the day in a similar way as the Google Calendar website.
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The week view shows the events in a grid of days, either in two columns or in one column.
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The month view shows a whole month. Events over multiple days are displayed as banners.
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The agenda view offers a lot of configuration options to display the events in a list.
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The year view can show an overview of a whole year including events of selected calendars. Just enable it under "Settings", "Display and Use", "Year view".
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In the tasks view you can view and edit tasks from Google Tasks or from local task lists Just enable it under "Settings", "Tasks".


In the following you can get an overview of the most important features. You can read more about these features and other, less important features on the other pages of this website.
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Sync all past events

CalenGoo can sync all past events of your Google Calendar by syncing directly with Google instead of via Android.

You can sync CalenGoo directly with multiple Google Calendar accounts in addition to your Android calendars. Just add them under "Settings", "Accounts" in CalenGoo. When syncing directly you can also assign icons to events. Please see here: Accounts
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Support for Google's event colors

CalenGoo can view and modify the colors of events using Google's event colors. To use this function you have to sync CalenGoo via OAuth2 with Google Calendar.

Google's event colors allow you to assign different colors to your events. Please see here for details: Event colors
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Recurring events

You can create recurring events using the same rules that you can use on the Google Calendar website, e.g. "every second week" or "every Wednesday and Friday".

For an overview which rules CalenGoo supports, please see here: Recurring events
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To move an event to a different time or day, you can just tap&hold it and then drag it to its new position. A menu will appear that will allow you to move or copy it.

You can use drag&drop in the day, week, month and landscape day view. Please see here for details: Drag&Drop
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You can use templates to quickly create new events. Templates can be organized in folders and they can even be combined to create a new event from multiple templates.

You can create a template from an event to use it later to create new events from it. Templates can also be limited to certain attributes of the event, e.g. so that they only contain a location or a list of attendees. By adding multiple templates to a new event this way, you can use e.g. the location and the attendees from different templates. Here you can find further information: Templates
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If you sync CalenGoo directly with Google Calendar, you can assign icons to your events.

There are over 100 icons provided (if you download the additional icons) and you can also add your own icons. Please see here for details: Icons
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Floating events

CalenGoo supports "Floating events", a combination of a task and an event.

Floating events are events that have a checkbox to mark them as completed. Completed events can be displayed crossed out. But the important thing about floating events is that they cannot move out of sight until they are completed. During the night CalenGoo checks if an uncompleted floating event is now in the past (because a new day has started) it moves that event to the current day so that you won't forget it. Here you can read more about it: Floating events
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Reminder options

You can add up to five reminders to an event. Reminders can be snoozed, automatically repeated and there are many options to configure them.

When syncing with Google Calendar, you can use SMS, email and pop-up reminders. When you are not syncing with Google Calendar you can use only pop-up reminders. However pop-up reminders also offer the most options: You can configure a different, custom sound per calendar, you can configure how often and in which interval the alarm should be repeated, the type of notification (status bar or pop-up) can be changed and many other things. Please see here: Reminders
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You can add attendees to your events. Google Calendar then sends invitation emails to your attendees allowing them to accept or decline the invitation.

When adding events you can choose email addresses from your contacts. The attendees will get an email with links to accept or decline the invitation. You can see their response in the event's details in CalenGoo. Please see here for details: Edit and Select attendees
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It is also possible to link a contact to an event. This way you can open the contact directly from the event details. It can be useful e.g. if you have a meeting with someone.

It can also copy the details of your contact into the fields of the event (the name into the title, the address into the location field and the phone numbers and email addresses into the description of the event). Please see "Scheduling an appointment with a contact" here for details: Edit
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CalenGoo can display the birthdays of your contacts including their age. When you open a birthday it will directly open the linked contact so that you can call or text that person.

There are also options to display the birthdays in Google Calendar, please see here for details: Birthdays
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PDF/Print function

CalenGoo can print the day, month, agenda and landscape day view into a PDF file that you can print using another app or send by email.

The PDF files are created using the full printing resolution. There are several options to customize the way they look like. You can find further information here: Printing
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Sync with Google Tasks

CalenGoo can sync tasks with Google Tasks so that they are displayed in Google Calendar.

To use CalenGoo's task functions you have to configure them first under "Settings", "Tasks". Afterward a new tab labeled "Tasks" will appear that allows you to view and edit your tasks. Please see here for details: Tasks
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Vertically scrollable month view

CalenGoo's month view can be configured to scroll horizontally or vertically. Scrolling it vertically makes it easy to see which events you have in the upcoming weeks or to find a time for an event a certain number of weeks after the current date.

To use the vertically scrollable month view just turn "Settings", "Display and Use", "Month view", "Vertically scrollable" on.
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CalenGoo has several widgets (day, week, month, agenda, tasks) that you can add to your home screen to see your events without opening CalenGoo.

Using these widgets you can quickly see your upcoming events. E.g. the agenda widget can be configured to highlight the current event and the next upcoming event with a special color so that you can quickly see where you should be and where you should go next. In the example on the left the current events are yellow and the next upcoming event is red. You can find more information here: Widgets
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You can attach/link local files to events.

These attached files will be displayed in the detail view and the edit view of the event. And when sending the event by email from the detail view you can include the attachments in the email. Please see here for further details: Attachments
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Android Wear

CalenGoo supports Android Wear to display reminders and add events and tasks by voice.

When a reminder notification is displayed in the status bar of your phone, it will also be displayed on your Android Wear. On the Android Wear you have the same snooze options that you have configured for your reminders on your phones so you can view and snooze the reminders directly with your watch.

Additionally two Android Wear commands are installed that can be started with "Start new event" and "Start new task". Using these commands you can create a new event or a new task by voice. E.g. you can say "Meeting with John tomorrow at 5pm" to create a new event "Meeting with John" for the next day at 5pm.
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CalenGoo can be synced with one or more Evernote accounts.

It can display Evernote notes with reminders on their reminder's date and time and you can attach individual Evernote notes to events. Please see here for details: Evernote