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ownCloud and other CalDAV servers

You can sync CalenGoo with ownCloud and other CalDAV servers. You can either just enter the account under "Settings > Accounts" or you can sync CalenGoo via the Android calendar: Just turn "Settings > Accounts > Android" on in CalenGoo (it is usually turned on by default) and sync your Android calendar with ownCloud. To sync the Android calendar with ownCould you need an app that performs the sync between the Android calendar and a CalDAV server like ownCloud. E.g. you can use one of these:

The paid apps are often more current and better supported. But it seems that the free ones also work good for many people.

The app will then sync the Android calendar with ownCloud/CalDAV so that you don’t need to configure anything in CalenGoo.

Similar to ownCloud the Yahoo calendar also uses CalDAV. As you can see on Yahoo’s support page here you just need a CalDAV app and have to enter the address https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com if the app does not support Yahoo accounts directly. You can find further information here: Yahoo Calendar on Android devices

There are also apps that specialize on syncing with Yahoo, e.g. this one:
If CalenGoo doesn’t display your events correctly, please first check if the standard Android calendar app displays these events correctly or not. If also the standard Android calendar app does not display the events correctly, then there is a problem in the CalDAV sync app and you should contact their support.
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