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Nov 2021

Beta version 1.0.182 (1508)

  • Bug fix for importing ICS files.
  • Trying to parse times like "19.00" in the reminders of tasks.
  • Renamed menu entries in the long press menu in the agenda view.

Beta version 1.0.182 (1507)

  • Bug fix for using the "Settings > Print > Send CSV" function.
  • Trying to fix a bug that causes "Tomorrow" to be incorrectly displayed.
  • Added a new option "Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Force portrait screen orientation (no support for landscape orientation)".
  • Using the correct calendar sort order in the "copy to" screen.

Beta version 1.0.182 (1506)

  • Bug fix for the background color of "other months" in the month view.

Beta version 1.0.182 (1505)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the vertically scrollable month view.
  • Added a way to send a task list as an ICS file by long pressing the header of the task list.

Beta version 1.0.182 (1504)

  • Added a function to create and attach a new Evernote note directly from the event edit screen.
  • The local sync of tasks with the desktop version seems to work now.
  • Bug fix for saving local attachments in a custom directory.
  • Using LocalDate instead of Time due to the year 2038 problem in Time.
  • Bug fix for the long press date header menu in the agenda view when using "new task" without an active task account.