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Apr 2019

Beta version 1.0.177 (1106)

  • Bug fix for the "Add attendee" view.
  • Bug fix for a crash when restoring the notification pop-up.
  • Chinese translation
  • Bug fix for the long press "Open" menu in the agenda view if the detail view is turned off (then the "Open" and the "Edit" button both opened the edit view).
  • Bug fix for deleting accounts.

Beta version 1.0.177 (1105)

  • Bug fix for opening template folders.
  • Bug fixes for syncing calendars directly with Exchange.
  • Added an option to display the priority of tasks as text instead of as an icon.
  • Bug fix for opening an event with a single tap in the month view.

Beta version 1.0.177 (1104)

  • Added support for syncing directly with Exchange. You can enter an account under "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Exchange". When syncing this way CalenGoo can download all past and future events and it can display and edit the categories of the events.
  • Bug fix for entering a start date for CalDAV tasks and for syncing it.
  • Improvements for the "transfer to new phone" screen.
  • Improvements for settings screens.
  • Bug fixes for the vertically scrollable week view.
  • Bug fix for selecting events in the month view.
  • Added an option "Settings > Display and Use > Month view > Single tap" to open events in the month view with a single tap.
  • Bug fix for moving the start hour to the top of the screen in the landscape day view.
  • Bug fix for displaying missed reminders of the previous day.

Beta version 1.0.177 (1103)

  • Working on a bug fix for a problem in the day view.
  • Reverted the speed improvement for the year view because it caused crashes on some devices.
  • Bug fix for the sound in the notification pop-up window on old Android versions.
  • Corrected link to CalenGoo CRM.
  • Removed debug output from the week view.
  • Added another warning to the detail view if the Android calendar is very slow (if it takes more than 10 seconds to load an event instead of a few milliseconds).
  • Added another warning to the edit view if the Android calendar is very slow (if it takes more than 10 seconds to load or save an event instead of a few milliseconds).
  • Bug fix for "Settings > Accounts > Sync on Wi-Fi connect" for Android 8 and later.

Beta version 1.0.177 (1102)

  • Improved the "Settings > Information > Transfer to new phone" screen to make it easier to see which Android account contains all the events.
  • Added further debug output for the week widget.
  • Changes for the licensing code.
  • Extended the support email template.
  • Bug fix for the sort order of tasks in the week widget.
  • Bug fixes for the week widget.
  • Bug fix for a crash when loading Evernote notes.
  • Added an option "Settings > Widgets > Agenda widget > Use calendar color for text > Current entry color > All-day events" to use the current entry color not for all-day events to better see which is the next timed event.
  • Bug fix for devices where the Opera browser caused the Google login to fail.
  • Added a night mode setting in addition to "Light" and "Dark" under "Settings > Design".
  • Added an option to display all-day events below timed events in the week view.
  • Added switches under "Settings > Tasks" to remove buttons from the task view toolbar.
  • Another bug fix for a network timeout problem that could cause the sync icon to become stuck.
  • Bug fix for speaking the title of the event when a reminder is due. It was accidentally spoken at the same time as the reminder's sound was played.
  • Added a new task sort order "Sort by pending/no due date", which sorts uncompleted tasks without a due date to the top of the list.
  • The "Settings > Reminders > Notification settings" menu is now also visible if "Show pop-up window" is turned on.
  • Shorter names for the widgets.
  • Bug fix for the month widget.
  • Bug fix for using the LED with the pop-up notifications.
  • Bug fix for displaying the location of events in the scrollable week widget.
  • Speed improvement for the year view.