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Mar 2017

Beta version 1.0.173 (600)

  • Added debug output for floating events.
  • Speed improvements for the new reminder types.
  • Bug fix for inserting a timestamp into the description field of an event.
  • Event Discovery 1.2
  • Added support for the new appauth version.

Beta version 1.0.172 (567)

  • Disabled the new login method because it didn’t work correctly yet for some users.

Beta version 1.0.172 (566)

  • Bug fix for the Google login on devices where "Don't keep activities" is turned on.
  • Support for recurrence rules that repeat daily but have weekdays.

Beta version 1.0.172 (565)

  • Prepared the version as a release version.

Beta version 1.0.172 (564)

  • Bug fix for deleting accounts.
  • Bug fix for attaching Evernote notes to events.
  • Bug fix for sending task lists by email.
  • Bug fixes for the new login method.

Beta version 1.0.172 (563)

  • Bug fixes for crashes under Android 2.3-3.0
  • Under Android 7 status bar notifications are automatically grouped. An option has been added under "Settings > Reminders > Group notifications" to turn this off and get separate notifications.

Beta version 1.0.172 (562)

  • Bug fix for moving the end time of events when the start time is changed in the edit screen.
  • Bug fix for a crash when accessing CalenGooSMS.
  • Bug fix for a ConcurrentModificationException
  • New translations
  • Event Discovery 1.1
  • Workaround for a crash (NullPointerException)

Beta version 1.0.172 (561)

  • Added an option to disable highlighting phone numbers in the notes field of tasks in the task edit screen.
  • Bug fix for displaying centered all-day events in the day view.

Beta version 1.0.172 (560)

  • When a calendar is deleted in Google Calendar, it is deleted from CalenGoo's database during the sync, too. As a security precaution an ICS backup is now created and a notification is displayed when a calendar is deleted.
  • Because Google has started to show a warning that starting from April 20th the current login method will no longer be supported, the new login method is now turned on by default (which means that when adding a new account the system browser, e.g. Chrome, is started).
  • Dropbox will stop supporting public folders soon. A function was added to copy all Dropbox icons into Google Drive, make them public and change the links to the icons in the events from Dropbox to Google Drive. The function is visible under "Settings > Icons" if Dropbox icons are saved in CalenGoo.
  • Due to crashes when syncing large amounts of events the target sdk has been set back to its original number for now.
  • Added an option to display the attendees and their status in the day view.
  • Added an option to configure the transparency of the timeline in the day widget.
  • Bug fix for sending "tasks in events" from the event edit screen by email.
  • Added an option to automatically move the end time when the start time of an event is changed only for new events.
  • Removed an unnecessary redraw of the calendar views when resuming (instead of restarting) CalenGoo.
  • Added an option to speak the start time of events when a reminder is displayed.
  • Bug fix for opening events from the agenda widget. When calling phone numbers from an event and then opening another event, accidentally the first event was opened again (because the detail view for that event was still open).
  • Bug fix for centering titles of all-day events in the day view.
  • Added a new option to show only future events that have the same contact in the detail view.