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Oct 2020

Beta version 1.0.181 (1424)

  • Subtasks are now indented in the task widget.
  • Bug fix for inserting linked recurring templates.
  • Added a "125%" setting for the hours in the day view.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1423)

  • Bug fixes for the columns week widget.
  • Added an option to display tasks at their reminder time in the week view.
  • Added Web.de CalDAV configuration options.
  • Bug fixes for saving attendees into CalDAV events.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1422)

  • Bug fix for saving attendees into CalDAV events.
  • Small bug fix for the share function in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for syncing tasks on devices that use different number symbols.
  • Added an option to import 24h events as all-day events from CalDAV servers.
  • "Search location" is now automatically turned on for new installations.
  • Added support for displaying other conference links in addition to Google Hangouts/Google Meet.
  • Improvement for the share function in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for including the description of an event in an SMS message (HTML is converted to plain text and e.g. color tags are removed).
  • Bug fix for hiding some task lists by tapping the account under "Settings > Tasks" and selecting "Visible lists".
  • The order of the sections in the task edit screen can now be changed and sections can be hidden ("Settings > Tasks > Reorder edit view").
  • Added a switch to turn the "duration" line off in the edit view.
  • The days in the columns week widget can now separately tapped and the tapped day should be opened in the app.