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Sep 2022

Beta version 1.0.183 (1573)

  • Bug fix for new Android version.
  • When using rounded boxes in the agenda view, the background of events is now rounded, too.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1572)

  • Bug fix for opening notes with older Evernote versions.
  • Bug fix for opening notes in Evernote.
  • Displaying "1 day" instead of "1 days" when snoozing reminders.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1571)

  • Improvements for the location search.
  • Automatically starting the task sync after using "Convert to task" for an event.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1570)

  • Bug fix for parsing recurring events in ICS files.
  • Added a "select all" button to the multiselect mode of the search view.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1569)

  • Bug fix for using CalenGoo Weather
  • Added a new option "Settings > Tasks > Assign a due date when creating a new task in one of the calendar views".
  • Added an error message that is displayed if the map of the day cannot load the position of an address.
  • Bug fix for sharing events with WhatsApp.
  • Bug fix for converting all-day events into timed events.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1567)

  • Added support for saving/loading SMS reminders into/from CalDAV servers or ICS files.
  • The event title can now also be spoken when using notifications instead of a pop-up.
  • The "New Task" App Shortcut on the app icon is now only displayed if there is an active task account.