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Jan 2017

Beta version 1.0.172 (553)

  • Bug fix for the size of all-day events when printing the landscape day view.
  • Bug fix for the new sync logging function.

Beta version 1.0.172 (552)

  • Added an option to mute SMS reminders for single events. Just tap the small alert icon in the event edit screen to turn the SMS reminders (those that are sent by CalenGooSMS) off for this single event.
  • Bug fix for printing search results
  • Bug fix for displaying errors when printing from the search view.
  • Bug fix, when selecting the "custom" recurrence rule, the interval and the end date of the recurring event (until date and count) is no longer displayed.
  • Added log output for creating/deleting events.
  • Added an additional "Delay silencing for x minutes" option for the end times of events.
  • Bug fix for using the history button in the location editor.
  • Added an option to display the location of all-day events in the day view.
  • Added font options for the timeline to the settings screen for the day widgets.
  • Bug fix for using the LED under Android 7.
  • Added an option to speak the duration of an event by voice when using the "Voice 1x1" widget with Google's server (e.g. "Test tomorrow at 3pm for 30 minutes)".
  • Bug fix for adding CalenGoo's default reminders to events created with the voice widget.
  • Bug fix for turning "Snap in" off in the landscape day view.
  • Optimization/Bug fix for the task widget, when checking off tasks, the widget is only refreshed instead of completely reloaded.
  • Bug fix for "Ignore SSL errors" when syncing tasks with CalDAV servers.
  • Bug fix for signing in to iCloud accounts.
  • Bug fix for dismissing notifications with a repeating alarm.
  • Separate translation for "Swap ok/cancel buttons".
  • To make the moon phase better visible in the day view a white circle can be selected instead of an image of the moon.
  • Bug fix for the weather display while being offline.
  • Bug fix for saving widget events into the database.

Beta version 1.0.172 (551)

  • When sending tasks via WhatsApp the title is now bold.
  • Added debug output for "widget events".
  • Small bugfix for the update time of the agenda widget.
  • Updated to Event Discovery 0.4.1
  • When converting an event into a task, the recurrence rule is now also copied.
  • Bug fix for snoozing reminders in the status bar when "repeat alarm" is turned on.
  • When converting a task into an event, the recurrence rule is now also copied.
  • Small speed improvement for the agenda view.
  • Bug fix for marking events as completed when using a different time zone in CalenGoo than the phone uses.
  • Bug fix for the "General" settings screen.

Beta version 1.0.172 (550)

  • Added a way to save widget debug output into the database instead of the memory for debugging purposes.
  • Bug fix for a crash when using the new option to automatically open the end time of an event after editing the start time when using the Material time picker and editing the start date of an all-day event.
  • More details about what is downloaded after a new Google account has been added are now displayed (token, email address).
  • Improved compatibility with Chromebooks.
  • Translations
  • Errors are now displayed if the PDF creation fails.
  • Added a way to perform a case-insensitive search in directly synced Google calendars when using Cyrillic characters.
  • Added a toolbar to the templates screen to access the menu.
  • Bug fix for deleting single events of recurring events where the days have been selected one by one instead of using a recurrence rule (like e.g. "weekly").
  • Speed improvements for some of the settings screens.
  • Bug fix for saving the files for the "record performance" function.
  • Speed improvement for the edit view: The (e.g. 1800 or more) event icons are now loaded in the background when opening the edit view so that it doesn't stop so long when scrolling down to the icon selector.
  • Added a function to include the event's details when tapping on an "(SMS)" link in the description of an event.
  • Bug fix for returning to the home screen after saving an even when using the "new event" widget/shortcut.
  • Added a function to limit the "contact notifications" function to certain calendars.
  • Added an option to swap the ok/cancel buttons in the improved time picker.
  • Speed improvements for the settings screens.
  • Bug fix for speaking the event's title even if the sound file for the reminder could not be loaded.
  • Bug fix for a crash when the configuration file contains wrong values for combo boxes.
  • Added a workaround for devices that do not vibrate correctly when using the vibration function of notifications.
  • Changed the new task sort order to move completed tasks to the bottom.
  • Bug fix for displaying the location of an event in the same line in the week widget where the days are displayed as seven rows.
  • Added a new sort order for the tasks: priority/due date
  • Bug fix, when tapping the date in Nova Launcher, CalenGoo was not offered as an option.
  • Small visual bug fix for the "Settings > Reminders" screen.
  • Improved the function to undelete Google tasks.
  • Bug fix for always activating the "Import templates" button so that the templates can be imported from Google Drive.

Beta version 1.0.171 (508)

  • Bug fix for displaying week numbers in the week view, they were accidentally displayed on every day.

Beta version 1.0.171 (507)

  • Bug fix for using drag&drop for the first entry in the week view with the new design.
  • Bug fix, when tapping the date in Nova Launcher, CalenGoo was not offered as an option.

Beta version 1.0.171 (506)

If you have read in Google Play that the current version is a beta version and then came to this website please let me explain: The current version is not a beta version. I just forgot to change the update description when I made a production version from the beta version. That means each version is usually a beta version for a few days to test it and from time to time such a tested beta version then is moved into production and becomes a release/production version.

With this update one bug has been fixed:
  • Bug fix for the width of entries in the week view that shows the days as seven rows. Accidentally the entries had a white space on the right side.