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Apr 2017

Beta version 1.0.174 (700)

  • Added support for devices with a special aspect ratio (e.g. new Samsung devices).
  • When displaying tasks in the Android 5 agenda widget, the font color is automatically inverted if necessary.
  • Event Discovery 1.4
  • Additional debug output for the new login method.
  • Bug fix for displaying the sunrise/sunset time with the narrow timeline in the day view.

Beta version 1.0.173 (608)

  • Bug fix for searching the description and other event fields with multiple lines using the search view.
  • Bug fix for displaying the time line and the sunrise/sunset lines at their correct positions in the agenda view.

Beta version 1.0.173 (607)

  • Added debug information about installed browsers to the "System information" screen.
  • Bug fix for logging in on the Samsung Note 4 device. The Samsung browser does not work correctly when using tabs (and maybe it doesn't work at all) so Google Chrome or other browsers are used instead.
  • Bug fix for a gray area in the old design of the edit view.
  • "Sync on exit" function added
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Bug fix for a "divide by zero" exception.

Beta version 1.0.173 (606)

  • Bug fix for a situation where all tasks of a task list were not displayed any more (the task list looked empty) when moving a task with a long press gesture to the top of the list and additionally to the right (i.e. the indent was increased).

Beta version 1.0.173 (605)

  • Fixed a translation

Beta version 1.0.173 (604)

  • Added the print function to the main menu.
  • Added an option to turn the "all-day" text off in the compact agenda view.

Beta version 1.0.173 (603)

  • Event Discovery 1.3.1 with dynamic detection if the current country is supported.
  • When moving events between different directly synced Google calendars, the event ID is now preserved and the move command of Google Calendar is used.
  • Workaround for Android devices up to 5.1 which have problems connecting to the SSL server that parses the voice input.

Beta version 1.0.173 (602)

  • Disabled Event Discovery due to a crash.
  • The 4x3 month widget can now display a header with prev/next buttons. The difference to the 4x4 month widget is that the 4x3 month widget is displayed as an image, which has the advantages that CalenGoo has more control over how it is displayed (e.g. for banners and wrapping lines) but has the disadvantage that CalenGoo cannot know where the widget has been tapped (i.e. one cannot select a single day in the 4x3 month widget).

Beta version 1.0.173 (601)

  • Event Discovery 1.3 with dynamic detection if the current country is supported.
  • Workaround for a problem where CalenGooSMS is sometimes not found.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the search view.
  • Further debug output for floating events
  • Bug fix for returning to the home screen after snoozing a reminder.
  • Bug fix for the task edit screen.
  • Fixed a problem with the keyboard in the title field of the event edit screen. Increased the minSdk because the app got too large for Android 2.x.
  • Bug fix for getting the street name displayed twice when searching a street in the embedded Google Maps view.
  • It is now possible in the simple agenda widget to display the tasks above the events.