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Oct 2017

Beta version 1.0.175 (837)

  • Bug fix for displaying the title and the description of an event in the week view.

Beta version 1.0.175 (836)

  • Bug fix for phone numbers in the description

Beta version 1.0.175 (833)

  • Added support for displaying event descriptions that contain HTML code (which can be entered using the new Google Calendar website) correctly.

Beta version 1.0.175 (831)

  • - Dark mode for the "unanswered invitations" screen.
  • - Bug fix for the sunrise/sunset settings screen.
  • - Bug fix for not displaying the current date on startup.
  • - The new Google Calendar website supports bullet lists and numbered lists. CalenGoo can display these now correctly, too (only display, when editing you will still see html tags).
  • - Added an option to show tasks without a due date in the week widget.
  • - Bug fix for parsing certain Windows time zone names from ICS files.
  • - Added an option "Settings > Customer notifications > Add SMS reminder when linking a contact to an event." to automatically create an SMS reminder when a contact is linked to an event in the edit view.
  • - The "Start from Monday" setting for the week view can now also be used if "weekend days half-height" is turned off.
  • - Added support for displaying Skype links for phone numbers ("Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Also show Skype links for phone numbers").
  • - Added support for navigating with "SBB Mobile".
  • - Bug fix for the Baikal login.
  • - Bug fix for a crash in the "public calendars" screen when subscribing to a Google holidays calendar.

Beta version 1.0.175 (830)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the agenda view.

Beta version 1.0.175 (829)

  • Bug fix for a crash in Event Discovery.
  • Added new options "400%" and "500%" for "Height of an hour" in the day view.
  • Bug fix, the "Delete" button in a status bar notification now deletes only a single event instead of the whole recurring event.
  • The agenda widget can now display the task reminder time without the due date.
  • Bug fix for a crash that could occur when editing an event shortly after deleting the same event in Google Calendar so that the event could not be found any more.
  • The "unanswered invitations" screen now displays only future invitations.

Beta version 1.0.175 (828)

  • Added a function to show "Unanswered invitations" in the search view.
  • Added a new option "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Automatically search for matching contacts when typing the location".
  • Added support for displaying the due date and the first reminder of tasks in the "bars" agenda widget.
  • The background color of the header of the current day in the week view can now be changed.
  • Fixed the design of the attendee display in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for using the Google Calendar font colors ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Use Google Calendar font colors") for the agenda view, too.
  • Bug fix for moving all-day events using the "Move to date" function in the detail view and the automatic floating events function to another date when CalenGoo's time zone and the system time zone differ.
  • Bug fix for tasks in events.
  • Bug fix for the ICS export screen.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the task edit screen when switching between "endless" and "limited".
  • Bug fix for a crash when attaching photos to tasks.

Beta version 1.0.175 (827)

  • Corrected the "first/last workday" text when creating a monthly recurring event to show the workdays that are selected indirectly using "Settings > Display and Use > General > Weekend days".
  • Bug fix for a crash when moving an event from one Android calendar into another.
  • Added an option to let the calendar selection bar mute/hide the reminders of the hidden calendars. By default reminders of these calendars are still displayed but now it is possible to turn these reminders off.
  • Bug fix for the logging function, the sync log could cause OutOfMemory exceptions.
  • Extended the debug output when sending an event.