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Aug 2021

Beta version 1.0.181 (1496)

  • Distributing the WearOS app as a separate download for newer WearOS versions.
  • Improved the "Connect to desktop" screen.
  • Added an option to mute the pop-up reminders when the phone is laying face down on a table.
  • Small bug fix for displaying the toolbar at the top in the detail view.
  • Continue the sync if an Exchange task list cannot be deleted.
  • Bug fix for the configuration of the agenda widget.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1495)

  • This version only adds a separate app for WearOS because newer versions of WearOS require the companion app to be a separate app.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1494)

  • Bug fixes for changing settings of the agenda widgets.
  • Bug fix for the "Color dot/bar" setting for agenda widgets.
  • Bug fix for a display problem on Android 9 when using certain settings.
  • Added options to move an event to today or tomorrow when long pressing an event in the agenda view.
  • Improvement for finding the correct NextCloud URL.
  • Random delays for the Google Drive backup upload to prevent all uploads to happen at the same time.