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Apr 2020

Beta version 1.0.180 (1377)

  • Added a two factor hint to the Exchange login screen that is displayed if an incorrect password has been entered.
  • Bug fix for devices that receive a wrong apk from the aab file and thus display checkboxes with an incorrect size.

Beta version 1.0.180 (1376)

  • Bug fixes.

Beta version 1.0.180 (1375)

  • Bug fix for a crash when displaying future recurring tasks.
  • Bug fix for computing the end date of weekly recurring events with a count.

Beta version 1.0.180 (1374)

  • Translations
  • Bug fix for using the navigation bar color in certain settings screens.
  • Added a switch to hide the end time in the "color boxes" agenda style.

Beta version 1.0.180 (1373)

  • Bug fix for using "tasks in events" in events with HTML descriptions.
  • Added a switch to display countdown events above all others under "Settings > Display and Use > General".
  • Bug fix for the non-scrollable agenda widget on large screens.
  • Bug fix for the search view

Beta version 1.0.180 (1372)

  • Bug fix for the "Events as background" screen in dark mode.
  • Bug fix for the sync problems screen when using Exchange accounts.
  • Bug fix for quick sync and holiday calendars.
  • Translations