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Jul 2019

Beta version 1.0.179 (1205)

  • Added an alternative places picker because Google will stop supporting its places picker at the end of July.
  • Translations

Beta version 1.0.179 (1204)

  • Bug fix for selecting files from Google Drive
  • Bug fix for receiving changed task list names.
  • Speed improvement for syncing tasks.
  • Clarification for the Google login screen.

Beta version 1.0.179 (1203)

  • When sharing a location from Google Maps with CalenGoo, a new screen is now displayed that allows you to select which data from Google Maps should be copied into which fields of the new event.
  • Added a "Share ICS file" menu entry in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for long pressing and dragging tasks in the task view.
  • Bug fixes for completable events.
  • Bug fix for displaying certain yearly events.
  • Translations

Beta version 1.0.179 (1201)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the voice widget.
  • Bug fix for adding iCloud accounts under "Settings > Tasks".
  • Bug fix for the color of tasks in the reminder pop-up.
  • Added support for adding shared Exchange calendars. Just tap your Exchange account under "Settings > Accounts" and select "Shared calendars".

Beta version 1.0.179 (1200)

  • Bug fix for requesting the permissions for the Android calendar under "Settings > Visibility/Download".
  • Updated API level from 26 to 28
  • Improvement for the "Upcoming reminders" screen.
  • Added a function to send task lists as CSV files. Just long press the header of the task list and select "Send CSV".
  • Now the voice widget supports checking for conflicts.
  • When using the "Scan QR code" function in the edit view with a QR code that does not contain an event, the content of the QR code is now copied into the description of the event.
  • Bug fix for a crash that happened when scanning a QR code that was not a valid event.
  • Added an option to view/hide the short names of the calendars in the calendar chooser in the edit view.
  • Bug fix for loading SMS messages from CalenGoo CRM.
  • The year widget can now start on January or with the current month.

Beta version 1.0.178 (1180)

  • When using the snooze action button in a status bar notification it is now easier to return to the previously used app.
  • Bug fix for using SMS reminders in tasks.

Beta version 1.0.178 (1179)

  • Bug fix, CalendarDataChangedReceiver tried to log data into the database without opening the database first.

Beta version 1.0.178 (1178)

  • Bug fix for a widget refresh problem.
  • When sharing a location from Google Maps to CalenGoo, CalenGoo will now also copy the name of the business into the location field.

Beta version 1.0.178 (1177)

  • Bug fix for an endless sync in the calendar view when using Android and Exchange calendars.
  • Bug fix for "Settings > Tasks > Agenda view > Tasks can be moved > Flexible size".