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Dec 2020

Beta version 1.0.181 (1440)

It is now possible to sync calendars directly between the desktop version of CalenGoo (Windows/macOS) and the Android version. Just create a new "Local sync" account in the desktop version under "Settings > Accounts > Add account". Then enter the displayed URL under "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Local sync" in the Android version.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1439)

  • Bug fix for Evernote

Beta version 1.0.181 (1438)

  • Bug fix for Evernote

Beta version 1.0.181 (1437)

  • Workaround for a bug in Evernote 10 which prevented notes from being opened.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1436)

  • Bug fix for archiving calendars.
  • It is now also possible to display anniversaries and other dates in the status bar in addition to birthdays.
  • Holiday calendars are now automatically redownloaded every three months because they don't contain correct sync data and this way they are nevertheless kept current.
  • Added a hint for tapping an Evernote note when Evernote is not installed.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1435)

  • Improvements for downloading the predefined icon lists.
  • Using new network functions for downloading icons.
  • Bug fixes for exporting settings on Android 11.
  • Better error handling in the holidays screen.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1434)

  • Bug fix for using the old design and opening the Evernote selection dialog.
  • Added new settings under "Settings > Display and Use > General" to display accepted, tentative and declined events with special colors.
  • The number of lines of the description of an event or task can now be configured for the agenda view.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1433)

  • Better names for shared ICS files.
  • Bug fix for attaching camera images to events.

Beta version 1.0.181 (1432)

  • Bug fix for deleting a task after converting it into an event.
  • Bug fix for completing events using the "Completed" action in the reminder notification.
  • Added the "Show past events" option for the "three lines" agenda widget.
  • The notes of tasks in the agenda view can now be limited to 10 lines as it was already possible for events.
  • Bug fix for searching greek characters case insensitive.
  • Bug fix for the task context menu.
  • Bug fix for the "reorder menu" view in dark mode.
  • Added a switch to turn the dismiss/snooze buttons for each reminder in the pop-up window off.
  • Bug fix for computing recurring events with RDATEs.
  • Bug fix for the task account icons in dark mode.