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Aug 2022

Beta version 1.0.183 (1563)

  • Bug fix for the initial sync message.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1562)

  • Added support for recurring Exchange tasks.
  • When subscribing a new ICS link CalenGoo now shows how many events were imported.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1561)

  • Bug fix for displaying the undo bar.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1560)

  • Added a new option "Settings > Tasks > Outlook/Exchange: Assign prio 3 to tasks without priority"
  • Custom fields of type "location" can now be displayed with a map in the detail view.
  • Bug fix for creating a new Evernote note from the calendar view by tapping the "+" button.
  • Added a way to search locations in the edit screen using Photon/Komoot (OSM).
  • Bug fix for sending large csv/ics files when long pressing the header of a task list.
  • Bug fixes