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Jun 2017

Beta version 1.0.174 (708)

  • Bug fix for loading tasks in the task edit screen.
  • Bug fix for a NullPointerException when displaying reminders for tasks.
  • Bug fix for checking tasks in events off from the detail view if the event is a recurring event and is saved in the Android calendar. In this case the event was accidentally duplicated because the save function was called twice and created a recurrence exception twice.
  • Small bug fixes

Beta version 1.0.174 (707)

  • Temporarily removed the "Connect to desktop" menu in preparation of the official release, because the public beta of the desktop version of CalenGoo is not finished yet. It will be added again with the next beta version.

Beta version 1.0.174 (706)

  • Bug fix for a crash when computing the reminders for tasks.
  • Translations
  • Bug fix for the agenda view on Android Wear.

Beta version 1.0.174 (705)

  • Bug fix for Android 4. The wide cursor works only under Android 5 and newer.

Beta version 1.0.174 (704)

  • Event Discovery 1.8 and updated libraries
  • Bug fix for snoozing tasks.
  • Increased the width of the cursor to make it better visible. Some Google apps (e.g. Google Chrome) use such a wide cursor while others (e.g. Google Hangouts) use a thin cursor.
  • Tasks are now displayed with their task list's color in the notification pop-up.
  • Added a configuration option for the color of tasks in the notification pop-up window.
  • Bug fix for a crash when switching from the month view to the week view by double tapping a day when the pop-up option is turned on.
  • Bug fix for moving the end time in the edit view relative to the start time.

Beta version 1.0.174 (703)

  • Added an optional header with a refresh button for the "simple" widget.
  • Bug fix for using the "Snooze" button of task reminder status bar notifications.
  • The search view can now highlight search keywords in the description of the event when opening the event from the search view (long press the event and choose "Details").
  • Bug fix: The Google Calendar default reminders and the individual reminders of the event were mixed if "Default reminders of your Google calendar" was turned on.
  • Event Discovery 1.7
  • Bug fix for saving events into the Android calendar if "Use Google Calendar default reminders" is turned on.
  • Added an option to display a margin on the left and right of the screen for devices where the screen is not correctly mounted.
  • Added a function to ignore individual colors in a certain calendar and display the events only with the calendar's color ("Settings > Display and Use > Maintenance > Ignore individual event colors in some calendars").
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Speed optimization for the task view.
  • Added a print button to print directly to a printer.
  • The new menu is now also used if "show tabs in menu" is turned on.
  • Bug fix for the week view which was sometimes empty.
  • Bug fix, when viewing the pop-up in the week view, the icons in the week view suddenly got larger when the same icons appeared in the pop-up.
  • Added an option to quickly turn the "landscape day view" on and off from the toolbar.
  • Added Firebase invites ("Settings > Recommend CalenGoo")
  • Added a warning that is displayed if Google Chrome is not installed when trying to sign in.
  • Bug fix for the widget that shows the "landscape day view".
  • Added "ENDTIME" as a new keyword for CalenGooSMS.
  • Bug fix for a crash when searching a view from a background thread.
  • Improved the desktop connection.
  • Bug fixes
  • When using the "import settings from Google Drive" function and more than one "calengoosettings.ini" file is found in Google Drive, the user can now select which file should be downloaded and used.
  • Bug fix for restoring the edit screen
  • Changed the way the float log is saved.
  • Bug fix for displaying the date in the 7 rows week view when the time zone of CalenGoo and the time zone of the device differ.
  • Added an option to hide the "tentative" icon.
  • Optimized updating the task widget, it is no longer updated if only events in the Android calendar have changed.
  • The found address is now displayed below the map in the detail view if it differs slightly from the original location.