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Dec 2022

Beta version 1.0.183 (1585)

  • The "compact" setting can now be configured separately for each agenda widget.
  • It is now possible to display the instance numbers of recurring events in the detail view when turning "Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Show instance number of recurring events" on.
  • Added a way to create links for events.
  • Better handling for a crash when updating the day widget.
  • Using a different name each time a local attachment is copied and opened.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1584)

  • Added support for opening Obsidian links from the description of an event.
  • Translation
  • Bug fix for deleting local attachment copies when deleting events.
  • Added a function to hide events from shared calendars if a matching event exists in an own calendar.
  • Added an option to fade tentative events.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1583)

  • Removing "X-ALT-DESC" when uploading events to CalDAV servers to prevent an event from having two different descriptions.
  • Bug fix displaying the response in Exchange events.
  • Added an option to mute reminders while the phone is in "airplane" mode.
  • Bug fix for checking if the WearOS app is installed on Android 12.

Beta version 1.0.183 (1582)

  • Bug fix for a crash in the detail view when opening certain Exchange events.
  • Preventing a crash when trying to send an SMS message without having an SMS app installed.
  • Indenting the agenda widget on Android 12 due to the rounded widgets.
  • Added a function to directly pick a backup file to restore it.