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Beta version 1.0.172 (552)

  • Added an option to mute SMS reminders for single events. Just tap the small alert icon in the event edit screen to turn the SMS reminders (those that are sent by CalenGooSMS) off for this single event.
  • Bug fix for printing search results
  • Bug fix for displaying errors when printing from the search view.
  • Bug fix, when selecting the "custom" recurrence rule, the interval and the end date of the recurring event (until date and count) is no longer displayed.
  • Added log output for creating/deleting events.
  • Added an additional "Delay silencing for x minutes" option for the end times of events.
  • Bug fix for using the history button in the location editor.
  • Added an option to display the location of all-day events in the day view.
  • Added font options for the timeline to the settings screen for the day widgets.
  • Bug fix for using the LED under Android 7.
  • Added an option to speak the duration of an event by voice when using the "Voice 1x1" widget with Google's server (e.g. "Test tomorrow at 3pm for 30 minutes)".
  • Bug fix for adding CalenGoo's default reminders to events created with the voice widget.
  • Bug fix for turning "Snap in" off in the landscape day view.
  • Optimization/Bug fix for the task widget, when checking off tasks, the widget is only refreshed instead of completely reloaded.
  • Bug fix for "Ignore SSL errors" when syncing tasks with CalDAV servers.
  • Bug fix for signing in to iCloud accounts.
  • Bug fix for dismissing notifications with a repeating alarm.
  • Separate translation for "Swap ok/cancel buttons".
  • To make the moon phase better visible in the day view a white circle can be selected instead of an image of the moon.
  • Bug fix for the weather display while being offline.
  • Bug fix for saving widget events into the database.