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Beta version 1.0.177 (1104)

  • Added support for syncing directly with Exchange. You can enter an account under "Settings > Accounts > Add account > Exchange". When syncing this way CalenGoo can download all past and future events and it can display and edit the categories of the events.
  • Bug fix for entering a start date for CalDAV tasks and for syncing it.
  • Improvements for the "transfer to new phone" screen.
  • Improvements for settings screens.
  • Bug fixes for the vertically scrollable week view.
  • Bug fix for selecting events in the month view.
  • Added an option "Settings > Display and Use > Month view > Single tap" to open events in the month view with a single tap.
  • Bug fix for moving the start hour to the top of the screen in the landscape day view.
  • Bug fix for displaying missed reminders of the previous day.