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Beta version 1.0.175 (807)

  • Added support for push syncing directly synced Google calendars ("Settings > Accounts > Push sync"). I.e. after detecting a change in a directly synced Google Calendar the calendar is automatically synced so that changes appear usually about a minute later (it tries not to sync too often). So far push syncing was only possible when syncing via the Android calendar but now it can also be used when syncing directly with Google Calendar.
  • Added a CSV export button to the search view.
  • Added a link to CalenGoo's privacy policy in the settings.
  • Bug fix for a crash in the contact notifications.
  • Bug fix for a crash
  • Added a switch to disable the highlighting of overdue tasks in the calendar views so that the task list's color is used for these tasks instead.
  • Speed improvements
  • Bug fix for using custom vibrations with the "Test" button.
  • Using newer library versions.