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Beta version 1.0.175 (815)

  • Bug fix for displaying overdue tasks in the agenda widget.
  • Bug fix for importing ICS files with recurring events without an UID.
  • The agenda widget can now display the time of the first reminder of a task.
  • Added a function to export all calendars as ICS files in a ZIP file from the "Settings > Transfer to new phone" screen.
  • Workaround for what seems to be a bug in Android 7/8:
  • Bug fix for importing ICS files.
  • Added a new method to wake the device to display reminders (instead of using the AlarmManager) called "Network push". It uses a server that will send a push message at the appropriate time to the device.
  • New library versions and compileSdk.
  • Moved the "events with the same contact" list further down in the detail view, below the attachments.