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Beta version 1.0.180 (1300)

  • Preventing a crash when importing malformed ICS files.
  • Added support for a new version of the "CalenGoo AlarmManager Helper" as a workaround for delayed reminder notifications on some Samsung devices.
  • Added a setting "Settings > Display and Use > Detail view > Open previous/next event using a swipe gesture" to use a horizontal swipe gesture in the detail view to open the previous or next event.
  • Bug fix for the countdown events.
  • Added a function to move tasks by long pressing them in the agenda view.
  • Added a hint to the support screen about the problems that can occur when using the old app icon.
  • Bug fix for displaying the sync status.
  • Changed the Google Tasks sync to OkHttp so that it should automatically fall back from IPv6 to IPv4 if necessary.
  • Bug fix for a rare crash in the notifications pop-up.
  • Improved the network check function.
  • Added a network connection test to "Settings > Information".