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Beta version 1.0.176 (921)

  • Bug fix for using CalenGooSMS with events that use the "select days" recurrence rule.
  • Better error handling for loading names of ringtones.
  • Added a switch for the agenda view to specify if short overnight events (<=23h) should be displayed ending at 12am or ending at the end time (which is on the next day).
  • Speed improvements for the agenda view.
  • Added a new height factor 175% for the day view.
  • Added a "share" button to the toolbar of the detail view.
  • Added an option to use a background bar for the date headers in the month view.
  • Added a new switch for CalenGooSMS to search for phone numbers in the title, e.g. "John public 555-123456"
  • The font in the all-day events headers of the landscape week widget can now be configured.
  • Added support for syncing tasks with Nextcloud.
  • Bug fix for printing without explicitely setting an end date.
  • Improved the function that watches for changes in a calendar a little.
  • Added an option to display all-day events above the landscape day view in the week 4x3 widget.
  • French translations