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Beta version 1.0.171 (501)

This version has a new menu entry "Event tickets (beta)" that can show upcoming concerts and other events. Currently it can only display concerts/events of the Netherlands and the function is only there to test this function and to get feedback. Please take a look at the function and send me feedback to android@calengoo.com . With the next beta version it will also be possible to remove the menu entry.
  • Added an optional "copy&edit" button to the detail view.
  • The day view can now also display all-day events over multiple lines if "Collapse" is selected.
  • Bug fix for Android 7.1.1, the authority must not be null.
  • When a CalDAV account is added it is now automatically detected if a single calendar URL was specified or if a folder that contains multiple calendars was specified.
  • Added an option to use the old (faster) week view even if the "Android 5" design is used.
  • Further debug output for CalDAV sync.
  • Speed optimizations for the week view.
  • Bug fix for changing fonts.
  • Bug fix for automatically editing the end time of an event after the start time.
  • Added an option to hide the small month view in the day view with the sidebar.
  • Bug fix for the "Landscape day view (week)" settings screen.
  • The font of the date in the day view can now be changed.
  • Added an intent to show one of the calendar views (day/week/month/year) and display a specified date.