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Beta version 1.0.170 (468)

  • It is now possible to move single events of a recurring event into a different calendar. However this means that the event won't be linked to the recurring event any more.
  • Speed improvement for the week view.
  • The "start with view 1x1" shortcut can now also start the search view.

  • Added Spanish to the menu under "Settings > Display and Use > General > Language".
  • Improved translations
  • Added support for a directory into which icons can be saved that are only used with local calendars and therefore do not need to be accessible online (for Google Calendar). The directory is the SD card directory (which can be found under "Settings > Information > System information > SD card directory" in CalenGoo) and then "calengoo/icons". After copying icons into that directory CalenGoo currently has to be restarted (e.g. using the task manager) to make the icons appear.
  • Bug fix for writing "null" into the description when linking a task with a contact.
  • When selecting the search time range under "Settings > Display and Use > Search view" it is now made clear that months are meant.
  • Bug fix for the background color of days in the agenda view if the day is empty.
  • Bug fix for a crash when subscribing to a holiday calendar.